Antlers Wifi

Animated pyramid by Rick Silva.  The bubbling and undulating textures are simple yet innovative.  His combination of natural subject matter and digital expression is a unique mix that we like around here. UPDATE: We’ve also featured more of his work here.  You can see it’s also a combination of photography and gifs, an intersection of …

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Rick Silva

Rick Silva‘s is an artist with a focus on animated gifs, with a unique twist that separates him from the plethora of animated gifs available on the Internet nowadays.  FYI, we’ve also featured some of his previous work here. His site where he uploads his new pieces is called Antlers WiFi. A combination of photography …

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Elod Beregszaszi

Elod Beregszaszi creates these compositions from paper. He is an engineer and artist based in London, UK, and you can view all of his works under the name “Popupology”, see his Flickr page here. I’ve been intrigued by “pop-up” art going back to my childhood.  Some of you might remember books that used popup paper …

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Rooms by Sara Ludy

Klausgallery has presented a show by artist Sara Ludy.  The new featured work in this show is called simply “Rooms”. who is featuring a new work called Rooms, which comes from her more extensive collection of work called “Space Portraits”. Sara uses the spatial manipulation tools from Google’s SketchUp 3D Warehouse program, contorting the ‘rooms’ …

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Zilvinas Kempinas

Zilvinas Kempinas is a Lithuanian born artist reknowned for his physical installations, utilizing the tape of old VHS casettes. “Flying Tape”, pictured here, suspends the magnetic tape, almost magically, between electric fans.   UPDATE: You can also see another installation “Tube” that we’ve featured in this post.

Heike Weber

These very interesting installations were installed by Heike Weber.  Drawn with highlighter on Acrylic placed on the walls and floors of buildings, on large surfaces up to 600 square meters. See below for some more examples.  They give some optical illusion effects, and without the comparative scale of the windows and doors, it would be …

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56 Broken Kindle Screens

An almost perfect approach to modern technology and the inherit fragility of it is “56 Broken Kindle Screen” by Sebastian Schmieg and Silvio Lorusso. Further than speak to the junkiness of technology, the imagery created when the screens break is collage-esque, collapsing multiple pages and/or images into one.  This accidental art is a great example of …

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Project 12:31 by Photographer Frank Schott and Director Croix Cagnon is a (in my opinion) creepy but super intriguing project utilizing imaging from the cadaver of a convicted murderer.  The body was given to science after the murderer’s execution in 1993. While thoroughly skincrawling, it’s speaks to the ability for art and creativity to tackle …

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Ever wonder what a structure made of moving glad might look like? Well look no further.  “Floe” is one such sculpture, deemed “kinetic glass” and comes from the minds of four artists from the Royal College of Art in London.  Lida Marinkova (who has a background in textiles), Ozgun Kilic (who has a background in …

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Diffraction by Mitch Payne

The “Diffraction” photography series created by Mitch Payne. The beautifully vibrant color and mosaic of forms created by leverage the prismatic effects light diffracted through shapes of transparent, translucent or opaque objects. About Mitch Payne Mitch is a professional photographer, specializing in still life photography.  He works in the luxury goods and automotive sector.  He …

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