Canvas Pop Vs Canvas Champ

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It is a great feeling to post your best pictures from the perfect moments of your life on all social media platforms and receive all the likes and flattering comments you could ever dream of.  What is more thrilling and flattering however is to see that particular memory hanging across your room and printed on a superior quality canvas.

Depending on what your intentions are for your canvas prints, it can be quite a challenge when deciding on which online print shop you will get these services from.

To help you find the best canvas print online shop, we have compiled together an in-depth comparison between Canvas Pop and Canvas Champ. This article is strictly based on both companies’ customer reviews, products, and services.

Canvas Pop

For the past ten years, Canvas Pop has definitely outdone itself as a pacesetter in the canvas print market. This company was incepted way back in 2009. Until now, it prides itself with over 450,000 printed canvases. The company has its online printing offices in both Las Vegas and Ottawa Canada. Since its inception, the company’s popularity has spread all across the world like wildfire. They have even opened a shipping outlet in Europe.

What makes this company very popular amongst its counterparts is what it prides itself in. When it comes to output, Canvas Pop offers nothing else but superior quality. Whatever you entrust them, you will get it a thousand folds better. Yes, that is who they are.

Canvas Pop Products and Services

  1. Canvas Prints

They are rated as the number one company that produces purely canvas prints. They are all about premium and quality as well as exquisite durability. One of the materials they use is the poly-cotton blend matte canvas. This material comes with a host of excellent features. It is OBA-free and archival certified. This means that even if you pass your canvas prints to succeeding generations, it will still be as good as new.

  1. Framed Prints

Their framing is on a whole new impressive level. They use handcrafted wood for frames. This means that they are customized to cleave to your taste and desires. The finish is vinyl coating espresso. It comes with a nail that will enable you to hook or hang it on the a wall. Your finished pictures will come with a protective glare along with a crystal clear Plexiglas insert. Again, there is a wide range of choices to pick from.

  1. Collage Prints

This is a whole new perspective of breathing new life into your living area. Collage prints allow you to mix so many things that you are fond of in one space. Layouts, backgrounds, text, and embellishments will all end up in a creative genius photo collage print. Canvas Pop will allow you to add as many as 36 photos in one canvas. They also give you the liberty of handpicking a frame to crown your collage

  1. Pet Portraits

As we all know, pets are fast becoming part and parcel of many households. It seems they will be fully incorporated as a vital part of the family in the near future. Pet Portraits is Canvas Pop’s latest service. They have just the right technology to enable them to customize your pet’s images. The most interesting part of this technology is that it enables you to pick the colors that most suit and express the personality of your pet. They have a wide variety of colors to choose from.

  1. Rush Shipping

Canvas Pop has two shipping options available for their customers. There is the standard shipping which is a bit cheaper and rush shipping which comes at a slightly higher cost because of the urgency of the delivery.

Rush delivery will come with less than 3 days production which is faster compared to the 5-day standard production. The delivery window is also short for rush shipping deliveries.


What is Good About Canvas Pop?

Here are some of the things that make Canvas Pop the go-to online one-stop-shop.

  • Reputation – Before you invest your money and time, take time to find out the experience of other customers. What are they saying about the shop? Find out about the quality of their canvas, their customer service, and the after-sales customer service.


  • Company’s Website – When you visit the company’s website, what do you see? Is it simple and easy to navigate? Can you upload your files? You want to work on a website that is frustration-free and without any glitches.


  • Pricing – Well, they have said that cheap is expensive and at some point, we can all agree to that. Some companies are thoughtful and kind enough to offer free shipping because of your willingness to pay a huge sum just for printing and framing purposes.


Canvas Champ

Affordability is what this Canvas Pop counterpart proclaims. The company was first birthed in Greer, South Carolina. When we say that their products and services are very affordable, it doesn’t mean that they have compromised their quality. They have managed to maneuver their way through the tight lane between quality and affordability.

This online shop has also managed to extend its services beyond canvas printing. Some other services they provide include but are not limited to metal, wood, and acrylic paints.

Products and Services

Canvas Prints Options

To upload your object image, you have the option of choosing it directly from your laptop or using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. All in all, you will notably love the easy interface of the uploading process. The images will load so quickly and before you know it, you will be moving to the next step.

Here’s a list of selection options you should not miss;

  • Wrap: thin (0.75″), thick (1.5″), rolled canvas or hanging canvas
  • Border: mirror image, image wrap, or color border
  • Frames
  • Hardware: hooks (free), sawtooth hanger ($3.99), easel back ($9.99), easel stand ($24), dust cover back ($9.99)
  • Optional color finishing: original, sepia, grayscale (all free), or caricature ($9.99), Warhol/Pop Art ($25), Pixel Painting ($50)
  • Lamination ($4.99)
  • Minor photo retouching: red-eye removal, enhance color, lighten/darken the image, dust/scratch removal, date stamp removal (each option adds $12 to the order)

Services and Pricing

The customer service of this canvas printing online shop is on a recommendation level. They have a fantastic customer care service and care team that will surely attend to your needs.

This company also prints on a variety of mediums using the best quality. Be assured that whatever they use and apply on the prints is the best you can get anywhere. This is to fulfill their superior quality promise and to make their customers satisfied and happy.

You are allowed to select your customizable sizes. However, they have 14 default sizes available to choose from. Their prices will however vary from print to print because of the size customization.

Rewards Programs

This online shop seems to have many offers for its customers which involves reduced prices depending on the print sizes you choose. They also have complimentary programs for every dollar you spend which you get points for. Just like most other canvas print companies, they might charge a hefty sum for some prints. However, if you look closely, you will notice that they also give a hefty discount of up to 93% – which is staggering in itself but fair enough.

Shipping Costs

According to other reviews, their shipping options are $7.99 for standard delivery within 14 calendar days, $28.98 for express delivery within 10 calendar days, and $38.98 for priority delivery within 5 calendar days.


Just like any other printing company, Canvas Champ also has customer printing guarantees. This includes a 10% discount. The other one is a full money-back guarantee or a complete refund if you find defaults in your orders.

What is Good About Canvas Champ?

Readily Available Coupons. If you can lay hold of coupons and some of the Canvas Champ deals, you will get the best products at significantly lower prices. You also have to sign up for their mailing list to be notified when they have major sales. But you can also keep checking on their websites for these coupons.

Lower Price Guarantees. The prices of Canvas Champ are just as competitive with other Canvas prints service providers. For equal or less quality, you can get up to 10% off.

Packaging of Canvas Orders. One of the elements that customers love and review most about Canvas Champ is their way of wrapping and packaging the prints. They care that the prints reach you in one piece.