Jill Sylvia

Back in the days before digital information systems, transactions had to be recorded on paper, and often by hand.  The concept of a “ledger” may be foreign to most millennials, but the older generations will remember them. In this meticulous work, Jill Sylvia individually extracts the entries from ledgers, leaving blank spaces.  I’ll leave the …

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The 114.PSD font was created by Emilio Gomariz by using photoshop screens with different colors, maximized and minimized.  Essentially each line or pixel of a given font is made up of an image of a photoshop screen filled in with 1 of 6 colors. He ended up created 114 photoshop files, taking up every area …

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Sewing Machine Orchestra

Created by Martin Messier, “Sewing Machine Orchestra” uses sounds produced entirely by 8 sewing machines.  In addition to the simple acoustics of the machines, the sewing machines are also hooked to a computer processor.  Through creative integration, the sewing machines mechanisms can be fed back into the system to affect things such as volume (i.e. …

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81 Points of View

81 points of view is the work of Sebastian Schmieg which works to utilize out-of-date technology, such as slide projectors, to make an interactive display where the final product (the slide projections) are as much as a part of the exhibit as the mechanic device itself.  Leveraging the obsolete technology to create augmented reality (something …

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Pattern Matters

Pattern Matters is a project looking closely at the use of patterns in graphic design.  It attempts to change the view of pattern simply as decoration, and encourages designers to re-evaluate how they consider and interpret patterns in their design.

In statu nascendi

“In statu nascendi” is from a pair of Polish visual artists Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski. The artists capture images from middle of the rendering process, taking a peek into the digital ephemera that never quite makes it to the final product. It highlights the fact that the medium isn’t the reality.  These intermediate images …

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Ruins by Alain Vonck

Alain Vonck recently graduated with a degree in graphic design from a Paris university. “Ruins” is his masters thesis. The name stands for the “ruins” of the original Internet, coined to be “Web 1.0”.  These digital ruins aren’t the stone structures of antiquity, but now live in digital form on hard drives and long forgotten …

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Videorative portrait of Randall Okita

Artist Sergio Albiac is the mind behind this complex achievement, a “Viedorative Portrait of Randall Okita”. Albiac speaks to the “emotional and interactive painting” a references that he is no longing simply using physical appearances to create a portrait, but rather something more fundamental to the human experience, such as emotions, memories and relationships. In …

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Carlo Bernardini

Carlo Bernardini is an Italian artist that leverages light as the primary medium in his art. Born in Viterbo, Italy in 1966, he began his artistic career in the early 1990’s as an abstract painter. in 1996 he first utilized fiber optics as his main medium, and he has made this is calling card since.

Claudia Mate

Claudia Mate is primarily a web developer working with a variety of online projects.  However, she has spent a lot of time experimenting with how digital software can create new and innovative art.  The internet world is 2 dimensional, generally, and she’s been taking time with 3D software to attempt to create the perfect fusion …

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