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Rick Silva

Rick Silva‘s is an artist with a focus on animated gifs, with a unique twist that separates him from the plethora of animated gifs available on the Internet nowadays.  FYI, we’ve also featured some of his previous work here. His site where he uploads his new pieces is called Antlers WiFi. A combination of photography …

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Zilvinas Kempinas

Zilvinas Kempinas is a Lithuanian born artist reknowned for his physical installations, utilizing the tape of old VHS casettes. “Flying Tape”, pictured here, suspends the magnetic tape, almost magically, between electric fans.   UPDATE: You can also see another installation “Tube” that we’ve featured in this post.

56 Broken Kindle Screens

An almost perfect approach to modern technology and the inherit fragility of it is “56 Broken Kindle Screen” by Sebastian Schmieg and Silvio Lorusso. Further than speak to the junkiness of technology, the imagery created when the screens break is collage-esque, collapsing multiple pages and/or images into one.  This accidental art is a great example of …

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Ever wonder what a structure made of moving glad might look like? Well look no further.  “Floe” is one such sculpture, deemed “kinetic glass” and comes from the minds of four artists from the Royal College of Art in London.  Lida Marinkova (who has a background in textiles), Ozgun Kilic (who has a background in …

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AntiVJ is back with another banger, and this one is a permanent installation.  Its placed on Wroclaw, Poland in the Hala Stulecia building, a historic place originally decided by famous architect Max Berg in 1913. The installation is called O (OMNICRON), and is meant to be a permanent installation in a new museum of Architecture.  …

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Videorative portrait of Randall Okita

Artist Sergio Albiac is the mind behind this complex achievement, a “Viedorative Portrait of Randall Okita”. Albiac speaks to the “emotional and interactive painting” a references that he is no longing simply using physical appearances to create a portrait, but rather something more fundamental to the human experience, such as emotions, memories and relationships. In …

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81 Points of View

81 points of view is the work of Sebastian Schmieg which works to utilize out-of-date technology, such as slide projectors, to make an interactive display where the final product (the slide projections) are as much as a part of the exhibit as the mechanic device itself.  Leveraging the obsolete technology to create augmented reality (something …

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Sewing Machine Orchestra

Created by Martin Messier, “Sewing Machine Orchestra” uses sounds produced entirely by 8 sewing machines.  In addition to the simple acoustics of the machines, the sewing machines are also hooked to a computer processor.  Through creative integration, the sewing machines mechanisms can be fed back into the system to affect things such as volume (i.e. …

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