Hans Kotter

Hans Kotter Artist Bio Hans Kotter currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. In the years 1988-1990 he studied philosophy and photography in Cologne and New York City. Since 2004 he has been teaching art in Germany, where his studio is located. In the past decade, he has produced photograms, projections, light paintings, video and …

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AntiVJ is back with another banger, and this one is a permanent installation.  Its placed on Wroclaw, Poland in the Hala Stulecia building, a historic place originally decided by famous architect Max Berg in 1913. The installation is called O (OMNICRON), and is meant to be a permanent installation in a new museum of Architecture.  …

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Robert Strati

A perfect addition for us, Robert Strati utilizes Adobe Illustrator to digitally print diagrams.  These diagrams can represent all kinds of data, including architectural drawings, music, sky and star mappings. Turning data into abstract representations is the fundamental aspect of all map making and data visualizations.  As we’ve learned in recent years through the explosion …

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Daniel Kukla

The Edge Effect, 2012 by Daniel Kukla “The Edge Effect” is a term used in ecology when two distinct terrains and ecosystems meet each other.  Daniel Kukla documented this edge effect at the meeting of the Mojave and Sonoran desert in Southern California’s Joshua Tree National Park.  Using a large mirror on an easel, he …

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Lorenzo Durantini

These art installations were created by Lorenzo Durantini, who utilizes materials of now defunct audio visual media to create the evocative pieces.  The materials include VHS cassettes and VHS film, among others. Lorenzo is based out of Florence, Italy, and has many other works in art, fashion, video as well as writing.

Diffraction by Mitch Payne

The “Diffraction” photography series created by Mitch Payne. The beautifully vibrant color and mosaic of forms created by leverage the prismatic effects light diffracted through shapes of transparent, translucent or opaque objects. About Mitch Payne Mitch is a professional photographer, specializing in still life photography.  He works in the luxury goods and automotive sector.  He …

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Ever wonder what a structure made of moving glad might look like? Well look no further.  “Floe” is one such sculpture, deemed “kinetic glass” and comes from the minds of four artists from the Royal College of Art in London.  Lida Marinkova (who has a background in textiles), Ozgun Kilic (who has a background in …

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MGMT Optimizer

Alternative rock duo MGMT released their 3rd studio album in 2013. Eponymously titled “MGMT”, it is alternatively referred to as “The Optimizer Deluxe Edition”. As part of the release the band hired Alejandro Crawford, a known “live video instrumentalist” to create a video product that will guide listeners through the audio album with some visual, …

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Kazuki Umezawa

Born in 1985, Kazuki Umezawa had his formative years in the nascent years of the Internet. His is now a rising name in the field of “Internet Art”, with his anime-inspired smorgasbord of delectable colors and deconstructed/reconstructed worlds often revolving around sailor moon-esque heroines, it’s a absolute feast for the senses.

Cloaque.mov 2014

The famous tumblr-based artwork annual event, where artists provide similar digital artwork in seemingly endless tumblr scrolls, now returns in video format. The original Cloaque.org now returns as Cloaque.mov 2014. “Every artist creates a 40 second video piece intended to be joined together, creating a whole story. This journey through very different environments is acclimated …

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Project 12:31 by Photographer Frank Schott and Director Croix Cagnon is a (in my opinion) creepy but super intriguing project utilizing imaging from the cadaver of a convicted murderer.  The body was given to science after the murderer’s execution in 1993. While thoroughly skincrawling, it’s speaks to the ability for art and creativity to tackle …

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56 Broken Kindle Screens

An almost perfect approach to modern technology and the inherit fragility of it is “56 Broken Kindle Screen” by Sebastian Schmieg and Silvio Lorusso. Further than speak to the junkiness of technology, the imagery created when the screens break is collage-esque, collapsing multiple pages and/or images into one.  This accidental art is a great example of …

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