Christian Herdeg

For nearly 40 years Zurich based artist Christian Herdeg has spearheaded the medium of light art in a search for an aesthetic function beyond mere impression.  He trained to be a professional cinematographer and lighting technician before he turned to the visual arts.  In the late 70’s he began working with light to showcase vibrant …

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Desmond Paul Henry

British artist Desmond Paul Henry (1921-2004) is regarded as a pioneer of computer art.  He constructed a total of three mechanical drawing machines (in 1960, ’63, and ’67) by repurposing components from analog bomb-sight computers.  A fourth and fifth machine was produced in 1984 and 2002 from a mechanical pendulum design.  None of the machines …

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_playGnd by Nick Briz

Chicago-based new media artist Nick Briz is interested in working with present-day technology while critically examining its multifacetedness.  As an educator and organizer, he believes there is a lot to “celebrate and criticize about the digital ecosystem we’re all living in” and are becoming increasingly dependent on. He doesn’t just work with technology but uses …

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