How Does Zazzle Work Anyway?

Zazzle is an online marketplace that allows an artist to sell their art. This is best done through print-on-demand. But options on Zazzle are not limited. You can optionally create designs for other people’s art. It can be clothing, mugs, bags, caps among other creative designs you can come up with.

So, how do you go about selling your art on Zazzle? Simple. Just upload your art in any form you can think of. It could be greeting cards; it could be t-shirts. Just anything you can think of. This marketplace is unique in its ways. For example, you do not have to produce or ship any item.

I will show you why that is.

All you need to do on this online platform is just to provide the art and get your royalty. Let it break it down further. When you provide your art, you are giving out the rights to be used in designing other things like mugs, caps, t-shirts among other printable items.

Here’s a comprehensive write-up on how Zazzle really works in favor of artists.

For Designers

When it comes to physical art designers, the story becomes a little bit different. To begin with, you have to pay 30% of the revenue to the site. Besides that, the shipping fee to the client is entirely on you.

Zazzle might not be too lenient or ideal for such artists. Be it the designers or manufacturers, they are likely to incur too much cost. Besides that, there have been lots of copious complaints from clients. Most of them have faulted shipping of goods. This could be late shipping or violation of agreements among other things.

As it is, it creates a lot of risks just using this platform.

The wise advice would be, if you are a print-on-demand, Zazzle is the best marketplace for you. However, if you are a physical designer, it would be better to look for more decent choices. We agree that this platform relies on user-generated content. However, if it does not deliver, it is not worth your time. It has to be two-way traffic.


In as much as you are uploading the best, there is from your gallery, there is likely to be less snafus. Use high-resolution images and graphics to reap the best from this cash cow. If you set your royalties between 10-15%, you will love the site even more. Besides, that figure is mostly at par with other artists using this site.

However, if you raise your stakes above that, you will be surprised.

There is a curve-out for royalties above 15%. Yes, Zazzle will apply for a small transaction fee. However, if you are a designer, you are free to set the royalty to your preference. Then there is the design lab. This place offers a very simple-to-use option. Besides that, the steps are self-explanatory, and it is a no-brainer.

How to Use Zazzle

We always want to make the best use of whatever comes our way. That includes Zazzle’s online platform for creative artists. Here are some of the ways you can reap the best from this site. It accommodates a wide variety of artists. Let’s dive right in.

  •         One avenue to generate royalties from your art pieces.
  •         Allows an artist to display their best work that can be accessed by the general public at any given time.
  •         It promotes your art pieces as long as you are signed up with them.
  •         It has customizable templates that generate revenue for artists. This includes but is not limited to, birthdays, anniversaries, greeting cards among others.
  •         This site has no minimum orders. Design, produce and sell your work anyhow you like.
  •         Displaying your art pieces is nonexclusive. So, you get to enjoy your corner.
  •         Continue using your work for other purposes. This includes reselling in other places.
  •         This site is free and very easy to navigate and use.

How Can You Make Money from Zazzle?

Having an account with Zazzle is so easy and you do not need any subscription fee to use it. This is unlike most other websites that offer you a platform to sell and buy products. If you are an artist, what are you waiting for? Follow these steps and start minting money!

1.    Register

Just like any other website, you need to create an account. This will enable you to become a member and allow you to access and navigate through their Homepage. This website also allows you to open multiple accounts under one name. How cool is that!

2.    Upload Designs

This website is all about business. It is only sensible to get straight into business ASAP. Upload photos, add texts and feel free to do whatever you have signed up for. You can privately store your images to later use them to design new products for sale.

3.    Post Your Arts for Sale

As soon as you are ready, start posting your handiwork and make your posts public. This will allow the public to locate and view your products. Invite people to like and comment on your product. If possible, ask them to share even on other platforms.

4.    Create a Store

You can create as many stores as you want. It is so easy and effective to use. You do not need any technician’s brain. All you need to do is to go to My Account and create a store. Voila! You have your store’s address and you can visit your management page. Just how cool can this get!

5.    Earn Money

You can do this by naming your royalty program. In simple terms, this means stating every sale you make on Zazzle. For example, if you want 15% you get 15% of every sale made. If your royalties are high, the sales price becomes higher.

6.    Become an Associate

This is the best level you can be. Become an associate. This will help you drive traffic to your Zazzle account. You get both the customers and referrals!


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