10 Best Design Blogs for Creativity and Inspiration

A good artist is well aligned with their chakras. The best way to align with your chakra is by deeply connecting with your creative selves. One of the best ways to do that is by getting connected to other creative minds. The artists.

You will be amazed at how much energy you tap from them. I will show you how. Many artists discover themselves through writing. Even if they are not gifted. That is why you will find many artists running their personal blogs. Why do you think that is?

To get in touch with their deeper person.

We have put together a list of the 10 best design blogs for creative inspiration. This is a perfect article to explore fresh ideas while getting inspired at the same time.  In no particular order, let’s dive right in to discover and tap into the wisdom of other like-minded individuals.

1.    Aisle One

You will love the simplicity of this blog. It is concise, well structured, with a ton of refreshing ideas to steal. Yes, artists steal ideas all the time and that is okay (wink). This blog focuses mostly on graphic design, but it is not limited to it. It also features some articles on typography, minimalism among other random but inspiring articles.

2.    Mirador

We all must have heard about Say What Studio based in Paris. It is a graphic and design birthed with passion. Mirador is a design blog in its image hunting work and you will love the abundance of fresh ideas. This blog curates all the studio’s inspiration tapped from its collection of award-winning projects.

3.    Scoutie Girl

If you are a lover of craft and design work, this is where you can come with refreshing ideas when burnout creeps in. This blog is penchant and passionately designed for lovely surprises. You can’t quite tell what writeup you will stumble on the next page. Some of the most inspiring pages you will read from this blog include creative living. You will also appreciate the mindful spending pieces that will help you rethink your spending habits.

4.    Susannah Conway

This is one woman who writes from a true place of creativity. She is a gifted writer and photographer with a genius portfolio out there. She writes about everything and anything. Perhaps her several professions give her that wealth of inspiring ideas. And just like in her creative work, Susannah captures the beauty and deep details in her blog articles.

5.    The Creative Mind

If you are curious about the psychology of creativity and creative expressions, this is a blog you can’t afford to scroll past on Google search. Douglas Eby explores the psychology of ‘’how artists freely express themselves creatively.’’ This is a great deal of writing especially if you want to develop and express yourself as an artist.

6.    Creative Thursday

Do you love everything creative? Well, this is a blog to regularly come and refresh your creativity. This blog is run by the full-time artist, Marisa and it comes from a deep place of passion. Marisa dedicates her blog to one day per week. Thursday. Well, perhaps there is magic on Thursdays that awakens those creative warriors.

7.    Bakerella

This is a feel-good blog and you will love every bit and piece you read from it. The design is both beautiful and fun to navigate. You will stumble on a ton of inspiring pages with photographs of mouth-watering intercontinental desserts. Who would have thought that you can recreate your 1-minute dessert into a masterpiece presentation! Bakerella will definitely test and inspire your culinary skills from her sensational photos derived from the artful treats.

8.    Graphic Exchange

Fabian is such a gifted genius who can do just about any artwork. That includes writing. In this masterpiece blog, Fabian has a lot of creative inspiring articles to borrow. They say that there is supernatural strength from a supportive woman. When Fabian joined forces with his wife Frederique, Harmonie interieure was born. Since then, everything they touch, including this creative blog article has been an instant success.

9.    We Made This

There is a wealth of creativity in the name alone even before we dive right into the articles. This article was created and designed by one of the great graphic designers of our times, Alistair Hall. His articles come from a deep place of creativity. There are fresh ideas to borrow, the content is so refreshing and flawless to read through. The thing about Alistair is, he focuses on showcasing other successful designers’ work. I find that so noble. The blog itself is beautifully designed and very simple to navigate through.

10. Dribbble

This blog is a pure gold mine. It mints priceless tips and ideas around creativity. Who doesn’t want such information? Every artist wants to refresh their minds from such a blog. Some of the articles you will find in the blog features information like: Tips on Winning Freelance Graphics Design Jobs. How can you even not click on such an article, especially if you are an established or aspiring graphic designer? The articles even go as far as stating the mistakes that might cost your career. Who wouldn’t drink from such a wealthy well of information?

In Conclusion

It is true that no man is an island. And that includes artists. We all need each other because every artist has something to offer. However, one artist can ever have it all alone. That is why you need other artists from your field to tap into their knowledge, ideas, and to just refresh your mind.

The best part is that most creatives are so willing to share their gold! Who does that? They freely and passionately put out what makes them without the fear of others using and borrowing from their creative knowledge. The funny part is, the more they share the more their creativity blossoms. Perhaps there is magic in sharing. All thanks to the unlimited sharing vehicle, blog.