Top 5 Best Watercolor Paints In 2020

There are thousands and thousands of watercolor brands you can easily grab in any nearby supermarket and save yourself a whole lot of research and indecisiveness.

But that is not just how it works and grabbing any watercolor paint at the top of the shelve is the gravest mistake you can ever make.

When it comes to choosing the best watercolor paints, it is not about the price tag or the attractiveness of the container.

It is not even about the first-class commercial ads you see on the TV or the internet. It takes due diligence and patience to pick just the perfect color that will suit your project.

Here are the best picks available in the market today.

Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Paint

Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour Paint

Winsor & Newton is one of the most esteemed companies that produce a high-grade quality product for artists. If you are an artist, whether an amateur or a seasoned one going place, that is a one-stop-shop for you to pick all your art supplies.

That aside and to the main thing of the day, which is the watercolor paint, this particular line from Winsor & Newton has excellent tinting to it. Its grade one quality leaves nothing to be desired despite the synthetic filler pigmentation used to make this product available. Cotman watercolor paint is permanent, and it will take time to peel off from the surface.

This student-friendly watercolor paint comes in a range of 12 colors and a pocket brush to make your painting experience as ample as possible. They are packaged in a plastic box that can fit perfectly in your pocket. It also has a convenient mixing palette and despite all this inclusive artist’s essentials, the cost of this line of product is pocket friendly.


  • It’s pocket-sized and portable.
  • It comes with an integral mixing palette and pocket brush.
  • It is cost-effective and favorable for students.
  • It is of good quality.
  • It is permanent.
  • It has 12 watercolors.
  • It has good transparency.
  • Its tinting is excellent.
  • It has good working properties.


  •         Its pigmentation has been replaced with synthetic alternatives.
  •         It is not good for professionals.


Reeves 24-Pack Watercolor Paint Set

Reeves 24-Pack Water Color Paint Set

This particular line of watercolor paint has been in the market for the longest time going back to 1766. This set contains 24 varieties of paints each weighing 10 ML. This is beginners and student’s friendly watercolor paint because of its affordability. The quality of this paint is excellent and has a wonderful effect of light and texture.

The preparation of this watercolor paint is easy as it does not require any solvent. All you need is water for diluting and voila, you are ready to paint for as long as you have the rest of the painting necessities at hand.

Reeves 24-Pack Watercolor paint is designed to dry fast on the surface. These colors are also very consistent on the surface and they are completely odorless. It is easy to clean off the colors using water and regular soap. At the end of the painting expedition, all you will be left with is a very beautiful smooth finish.


  • It comes with 24 colors.
  • It is great for entry-level users.
  • It is of excellent quality and sufficient quantity.
  • It has a wonderful effect and texture.
  • It requires no solvents.
  • It is easy to prepare.
  • It leaves a beautiful finish.
  • It dries fast.
  • It is odorless.
  • It is consistent on the surface.
  • It is easy to clean off.


  • It has no extra accessories. Only the colors.
  • The colors are watery out of the tube.
  • It dries too fast.


Royal Talens Van Gogh Watercolors

Talens Opaque Watercolors

This set of watercolor paints contains only 12 opaque colors that are very easy and smooth to use. Despite the shades being few and basic, their quality on the other hand is high and impressive. These colors are lightfast, and they can be used to create an exquisite art with subtle effects on it.

The 12 pans of colors will give full and opaque shades which are very consistent. These excellent colors are packaged in a metal box that turns into a palette for mixing ad blending them. It also comes with a tube of mixing white and a nylon brush.

The design of the edges of the pans is raised to prevent the colors from intermixing in the process. The quantity in the box is big enough to last a couple of projects. However, with all these accessories and the quality of colors, the price of this set is slightly compromised, and it can leave a dent in a student’s wallet.


  • The colors are intermixable.
  • It comes with accessories like the nylon brush and the palette.
  • Offers both full and opaque hues.
  • It comes with a transparent mixing white.
  • The colors are consistent.
  • The quality is excellent to be a student grade.
  • The quantity is generous.
  • They are lightfast.
  • The finish is subtle and exquisite.


  • It is costly for an average student.
  • The colors can intermix in the box accidentally if not well handled.


Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections

Prima Marketing 584252 Watercolor Confections

This watercolor paint is a real definition of classic. This Classics collection comes in pans instead of the traditional tubes. This means that your colors don’t get messy, spill, or intermix by accident, Classics collection is way above that.

As opposed to the above listed watercolor paints as the best in the market, this Marketing line of watercolor paint is a professional grade. The quality of the colors is simply excellent, and it works perfectly with all the mixed media. As a starter paint, its transparency level is just excellent and on point.

Prima Marketing Watercolor Confection is both lightfast and more permanent. What gives this watercolor paint a big plus, however, is its color palette. Inside the palette are 12 classical hues some being already intermixed. It has the option of buying separate colors to replenish which makes sense because you will only invest your money in what you need and not what you are forced to buy.


  • The colors are more permanent on the surface.
  • The colors are packaged in a watercolor palette.
  • It has 12 classical shades to work with.
  • It allows the purchase of separate shades to replenish.
  • It is a professional-grade paint.
  • It works well with mixed media.
  • The transparency is good.
  • The colors don’t get messy or intermix.
  • The quality is excellent.
  • The shades are versatile.


  • The lightfastness is not permanent as advertised.
  • A painting brush is not inclusive in the package.
  • They are slightly costly for students.


Paul Reubens Artist Watercolor Paints

Paul Rubens Artist Watercolor Paints-Glitter Solid Colors

This is a new kid in the block with a pink portable metal case. There is everything to like about this new entrant in the market starting with its 24 sets of colors. These colors are very vivid and artist-grade to top that. Its pigments are fine and pure for excellent transparency.

There is also a blend of Gum Arabic and Ox Grall to it that gives the shades excellent diffusion. The shades also have high lightfastness and saturation and you will never go wrong with intermixing the colors for a perfect outcome. If you love shimmering effects to highlight your art painting, you will fall in love with the special glitter effect in this set.

This watercolor paint is portable and functional anywhere you carry it with you. The color arrangement is left for the artist’s preference and they can be replenished individually. This watercolor paint is an excellent example of ‘beautiful inside out’. One of the customer-care after purchase from Paul Reubens is a satisfaction guarantee for the client.


  • It has a set of 24 colors to work with.
  • The colors are highly lightfast and saturated.
  • They can be replenished individually.
  • The colors can be intermixed.
  • This set is portable and perfect to travel with.
  • It is an artist-grade.
  • The colors are vivid.
  • The pigmentation is excellent.
  • The colors are highly transparent.
  • Its glittering effect is ideal for highlighting.
  • They are reusable.
  • It comes with the client’s satisfaction guarantee.
  • It has good diffusion.


  • It is costly compared to most watercolor paints.
  • They are confused for cosmetics because of the glitter.
  • It is not compatible with most media.


In Conclusion

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, buying watercolor paint is not a grab and pay affair on the counter. There are many factors you should consider before deciding on what to put your money into.

The quality of the watercolor is something to take your time on. There is both a student’s and professional-grade watercolor paints and it all depends on the kind of artist you are. The color of the paint also matters a lot but nearly all the watercolor paints come in sets of colors.

The permanence of your paint is something else to consider. How long will your pain last when exposed to different weather conditions? Transparency is also important, are you after something opaque or transparent? This is all on you as an artist.