The Best Tablets for Graphic Design in 2021

As a graphic designer you need the correct equipment to achieve an edge over your competitors.  One way to do that is by finding the best tablet for graphic design.

How different is a tablet from a conventional laptop or desktop computer? Well, aside from being compact in weight, most tablets today are available with outstanding hardware and software features. They also give you a unique way to draw and manipulate images with a handheld device and a digital pen, in addition to an optional mouse/keyword.

Below are some excellent reviews for you to get started:

#1 Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Best Overall)

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Disconnect. Pack Light. And still stay productive all day, regardless of where you go. How can you do all this? Well, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is an excellent recommendation for our needs. Whether it’s at the office, at home, the open road or even at the airport, you can keep track of your projects with this laptop. It’s a fast tablet that features the latest 8th generation intel core processor for fast and smooth multitasking benefits.

More so, this unit can provide an exceptional battery life of as much as 13 hours to make it ideal for various types of digital work. Weighing in at just 1.7 pounds, this laptop is both compact and convenient to carry around. You can even personalize the tablet to suit your style, with two options including the platinum or new bold colours.

The Good

  • Ultra-slim and weighs just 1.7 pounds
  • All-day battery life offers 10 hours of power
  • Available in two colours platinum and bold
  • Comes with a licensed version of Windows 10

The Bad

  • The stylus is not durable
  • Could use better anti-glare

#2 – CHUWI UBook Pro Tablet (Best Budget Option)

CHUWI UBook Pro Tablet

The Chuwi Ubook Pro Tablet is the ultimate addition to your graphic design regimen. Why? Well, this unit has an ultra-portable design, and U-shaped kickstand, which is easy to adjust between 0 to 140 degrees. Furthermore, the tablet even comes with a detachable keyboard dock, which you can easily switch between tablet or laptop mode for your convenience. The CHUWI uBook also has a fully laminated display on a remarkable 3:2 aspect ratio. This way, you enjoy the ideal visual experience each time

To make things better, this unit is even powered by an Intel Gemini Lake quad-core processor. The processor features 64 bit 4 cores and a turbo frequency of up to 3.4 GHz. The laptop also has a low power 8GB LPDDR4 memory and high-speed SSD for optimal performance. With such powerful hardware features, this unit is more than perfect for graphic design projects.

The Good

  • U shaped kickstand design is easy to adjust
  • 12.3-inch IPS fully laminated display
  • Powered by the latest Intel Gemini quad-core processor
  • High-speed SSD and 8GB LPDDR4 memory

The Bad 

  • Battery warms up
  • The screen is delicate

#3 – Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (Most Durable, Easy to Use)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10.5

You can never go wrong with a Samsung device. Thus, this is why we also recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. It’s a 2 in 1 unit, which you can instantly convert into a desktop experience, all thanks with the included keyboard. Furthermore, the S6 provides you with the power to multi-task, all thanks to the fast-mobile processor. The processor rapidly switches between different apps and tasks, thus making it easy to engage in intensive graphic design tasks.

To make things easy, the Samsung brand has also included a new S pen. The pen lets you pause and skip with just the simple press of a button. You can even attach the pen magnetically, to make it easy and convenient to store. Lightweight in design, and heavyweight on entertainment, the S6 surely makes up for an excellent choice for graphic designers.

The Good

  • The mobile processor is blazing fast
  • All-new S pen included with magnetic attachment
  • Lightweight in structure and is simple to move around
  • 15 hours of power on a single charge

The Bad

  • N/A

#4 – Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (Honorable Mention)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Weighing in at less than a pound, the Samsung Galaxy S5e is an excellent addition to your computing regimen. It’s the perfect laptop for working on graphic design projects, all thanks to its unique hardware and software features. The laptop comes with many unique features such as an ultra-light design, which makes it easy to carry around. Even more, the laptop has a crisp and clear AMOLED display with an exceptional 16:10 ration. Thus, you can develop rich characters, which come to life.

While this tablet charges fast, it will provide well over 10 hours of reliable power on a single charge.

The Good

  • Ultra-light and slim tablet design
  • Comes with super AMOLED display with 16:10 ratio
  • The smartly connected screen can control all your devices
  • Charges fast and provide over 10 hours of power

The Bad

  • Could be available in many finishes
  • The screen activation button is somewhat small

How to Buy the Best Tablets for Graphic Design

  • Ultra-portable design – a good tablet should be portable, and lightweight in structure. It’s the feature that sets it apart from a conventional laptop. Some brands even come with unique U-shaped kickstand, which makes them easy to adjust the screen structure
  • Quality display – you want a tablet that delivers rich and crips content each time. Also, the screen should have anti-glare functions, and be durable against high impact falls. Usually, the best displays are the IPS fully laminated or the matte finish screens.
  • Stylus operation – using a stylus makes it easy to use the tablet. It’s a pen-like tool that can substitute as a touch mechanism. Some brands are magnetized, so it’s easy to store.
  • Hardware – graphic design is hardware intensive. It would help if you had a powerful processor, RAM, GPU, battery life and more.


When it comes to producing rich and quality graphic content, you have to be at your best to ensure the best results. Aside from honing your skill set, we also recommend that you get the best resources for your needs. In this case, the best tablets for graphic artists should be a good place for you to start. Get equipped with one of these tools and instantly take your productivity to the next level.