The 6 Best Spray Paint For Graffiti In 2020

Graffiti is perhaps one of the best ways to write special pieces of text, convey a message, complement your crafts, interior design, and more. Besides honing your graffiti skills regularly, you also need the best resources to make a good impression. In this guide, we have for you the best spray paint for graffiti products you should consider.

When you have a set of these sprays paints, you will find it easy to produce your crafts on different surfaces. It does matter whether it’s a wall, an old car, motorbike or even your shirts. These paints, especially the Rust-Oleum 316292 spray paint, are excellent recommendations for your needs.

Rust-Oleum 316292 Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover (Best Overall)

Rust-Oleum 316292 Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover

With the Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Spray Paint, you have an excellent way to make a good impression with your work. Its a spray paint that is more than impressive when it comes to imparting colors on your chosen surface. These include surfaces such as wood, plastic, metal, and more.

For instance, the paint comes with breakthrough double coverage technology so that you can complete your painting projects twice as fast. It lets you get the job done quickly so that you or the audience can enjoy the results sooner. Thanks to the exceptional indoor and outdoor durability of the paint, you can be sure that each application will last.

More so, the paint is also available in a satin finish, which features several on-trend colors. The makers of this graffiti paint have also done well to ensure it’s available with a unique angle spray mechanism. It’s a unique mechanism that makes it easy to reach those hard to reach areas.

The Good

  • Double coverage technology offers twice the coverage
  • Easy to apply to different types of surfaces
  • Unique angle spray system for reaching difficult areas

The Bad 

  • Could use better can ergonomics

Krylon Triple Thick Clear Glaze

Krylon I00500A00 12-Ounce Triple Thick Clear Glaze Aerosol Spray

Produce graffiti results like a professional when you have the Krylon I00500A00 Thick Clear High Gloss Spray. This spray has a triple-thick glaze, that solids fast, and produces a bright and clear coating. Thus, it provides the illusion of depth, which is not always to produce when using spray paints. The spray can is also ergonomic, and sits comfortable in your hands for several hours of fun working in graffiti projects.

You will also be pleased to know that one coat equals as many as three other clear aerosols. Yes, that’s right! Each application of spray will last, and stands, unlike most paints you have come across. As you would expect with a high-end spray paint, you can use this paint on many surfaces. These include wood, bisque, metal, plastic, and paper.

Plus, the spray paint is permanent and protective, with an exceptional high gloss finish. Therefore, each application is unique and long-lasting. It even has a non-firing glaze – perfect for use on material such as plaster, clay, and more.

The Good

  • Triple thick glaze formula quickly builds a bright and clear coating
  • One coat equals three coats of traditional aerosols
  • Easy to use on different types of surfaces

The Bad 

  • Has a strong scent when fresh

Seymour 16-2448 Automotive Specialties Spray Paint

Seymour 16-2448 Automotive Specialties Spray Paint

Discover the excellence of the Seymour 16-2448 Automotive Spray Paint, which you can use on different surfaces and materials like a pro! The spay paint will deliver a professional-grade coating, which can withstand various issues. These include problems such as heat, abrasion, gasoline, lubricants, and more.

The paint is also heat resistant for as much as 300˚F. Thus, you can paint outdoors on a wall, and it will stay fresh for many years. Designed to be safe enough for human use, this spray paint does not contain any harmful chemicals. These include chemicals such as cadmium, mercury, chlorinated solvents, and more.

The Seymour 16-2448 spray paint also consists of waterborne and high solid resists, which are unique than most solvent-based polymers. Yes, that’s right! With this spray paint, you will produce outstanding graffiti projects, as though it were a real image.

The Good

  • Developed to withstand heat, abrasion and gasoline
  • Heat resistant for up to 300˚F
  • Suitable to use on different types of surfaces

The Bad 

  • N/A

Seymour 620-1415 Industrial MRO High Solids Spray Paint

Seymour 620-1415 Industrial MRO High Solids Spray Paint

Make your spray paint projects for graffiti convenient when you have the Seymour 620-1415 Spray Paint. It’s also a spray paint which lets you impart the best color results, and more. As such, the spray paint will last for many years, and resist issues such as exposure to the sun.

The Seymour 620-1415 spray paint helps you save up on cash, all thanks to its highly effective paint application result. One can contains 20 oz of paint, which is more than equal to 4 cans of low soil paints. Designed to be high-quality paint for different surfaces, this spray paint is durable against various issues. It can withstand rust, oil, corrosive chemicals, weather, and more.

Made to be suitable for use around people, you will be pleased to know that it does not contain any harmful chemicals. The high solid formulation of this spray paint also delivers quality colors with just one application.

The Good

  • Can protect against oil, gasoline, rust and more
  • Does not contain CFCs, chromates or more
  • One can holds 20oz of high solids formulation

The Bad 

  • Not durable enough when used on glass surfaces

Colorshot Spray Paint, Vintage Lace (Cream) 


Versatile, fast-drying, and UV resistant – just the few essential qualities you can expect from the COLORSHOT Spray Paint. The spray paint is dynamic, whereby you can use it on surfaces such as metal, wood, plastic, and unglazed ceramics. Even more, the fast-drying acrylic paint does not require toxic dries to cure. It will just dry to the touch in 10 minutes for fast and easy application results.

The spray paint offers longevity and its also easy to apply for delicate projects, such as graffiti. Also, the paint does not contain any toxic elements that might lead to allergic reactions such as sneezing when in use.

The UV resistant color is suitable for use, for both outdoor and indoor projects. Thus, you can be sure of a long-lasting paint that stays fresh – regardless of the changing weather patterns. Remember that ergonomics is also a key factor to consider with spray paints. Therefore, this spray paint features an easy to grip design for optimal comfort and control benefits. It even features a spray actuator fits around the finger comfortably, for reduced fatigue as you apply the spray.

The Good

  • Versatile spray paint is easy to use on different surfaces
  • Fast-drying formula does not require toxic dryers
  • UV resistant color suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • Slim can for optimal comfort and control

The Bad 

  • Takes a few minutes to dry completely

Montana Black 400ml Set of 12 Graffiti Street Art Mural Spray Paint (Grey Scale) 

Montana BLACK 400ml Set of 12 Graffiti Street Art

Realize the fun in making graffiti when you have the Montana Black 400ml set of graffiti paint set. The paint set is available with 12 400ml spray cans, which are perfect for large-scale projects. The grayscale colors have the ideal gradient blend, suitable for use on different surfaces.

More so, the high-pressure paint is perfect for use with street art and mural use as well. Thanks to the robust and high covering paint finish, this paint is easy to apply to any surface. It will provide the ultimate painting experience, with excellent handling and control results. The paint also ensures short drying times, perfect for raping application and overlapping with other colors.

The unscented aerosol is made to meet the highest quality and safety standards for your needs. For the paint application, you will find the high-pressure valve on this unit to be highly convenient. The paint is weather and time-proof – perfect for application on outdoor surfaces.

The Good

  • Available in a set of 12 spray paint cans
  • High-pressure paint suitable for street art or mural applications
  • Offers excellent coverage, high quality and fast-drying paint

The Bad 

  • N/A


There are a few key factors that increase the likelihood of success when it comes to working on your art project. One is to practice smart, and two is to ensure you have the right resource for your art. In this guide, we have gone in-depth into some of the best spray paint for graffiti products. Unlike most types of art, working on graffiti is a somewhat dexterous process.

For this reason, you will be miles ahead of the traditional lover when you have the correct spray paint. The benefit of using spray paint is that its easy to apply on different surfaces. These include glass, walls, wood, and more. Thus, consider getting one of these spray paints and notice how your results in graffiti improve significantly.