The Best Soft Pastels in 2020

Over the years, there are many types of art development techniques that have come to the foreground. For any art enthusiast or professional, being able to master the use of these techniques is crucial towards the development of your skillset. Take, for instance, the best soft pastels, which you can use to come up with quality artwork. But before you can buy them, there are various vital factors to consider.

The pastel should not only be appealing, but it should also be easy to use on your chosen surface. Even if soft pastel colours are made using powdered ingredients, it should stick on the surface and produce vibrant colours. The last thing you want is issues such as wind, which can blow away any poor quality pastel prints. Furthermore, it would help if the pastel set is also pet and child-friendly. We have identified some of the top colour sets to get you started

Mungyo Soft Pastel 64 Color Set (Top Pick)

Mungyo Soft Pastel 64 Color Set Square Chalk

With the Mungyo Soft Pastel Set, you are sure of a reliable drawing set for your needs. This art set has all the vivid and brilliant colours to bring your artwork to life. It is available with as many as 64 colours, which are easy to use. All techniques of working on pastels can be applied to the artwork, including blending, gradation, dry wash and more.

There is nothing better than when you have a pastel set that can produce vibrant colours, without shiny spots. This is what you can expect when using the Mungyo 64 colour set square set. Furthermore, the Oil Pastel set is also easy to draw through a smooth touch for the best results. Developed to be fade-resistant, this colour set makes up for the perfect way to work on art projects. It is made using the finest materials and is also convenient to apply on canvas paper.

The Good

  • Vivid and brilliant pastel set with 64 colours
  • Works well for blending, gradation, dry wash and more
  • Easy to draw with a smooth touch
  • Fade-resistant and durable colours

The Bad 

  • Could use a much more durable colour bag
  • The colours have a strong scent

Mungyo Gallery Handmade Soft Pastel  (Runner-up)

Mungyo Gallery Handmade Soft Pastel Set of 30

The Mungyo Brand is always innovating with a unique set of colour products. This includes the hand-rolled pastel set, which also has a soft and almost butter consistency. Even more, the Mungyo Gallery set offers exceptional colour brilliance, which is also vivid thanks to the unique pigments. You will also find it easy to use the pastel sticks, which glide smoothly across the surface of the paper. The colours are durable and do not contain any hard or sharp bits that may compromise the surface of your artwork.

You will even find it easy to mix the colours, and you will use them conveniently with all pastel techniques. The entire set consists of as many as 30 different colours, which are placed in durable packaging. This is the ideal treat for any pastel artist, which consists of the finest pigments and kaolin clay. Each is individually hand-rolled, with less binder required to hold the colour together.

The Good

  • Hand-rolled pastels of exceptional quality
  • Pastel sticks glide smoothly across the paper surface
  • Colours are easy to mix for the best results
  • Set consists of as many as 30 colours

The Bad

  • N/A

Rembrandt Soft Pastels

Rembrandt Soft Pastels Basic

Discover the excellence of the Rembrandt Soft Pastels Set, which delivers rich colour results each time. This pastel set makes up for the best way to produce vibrant colour, which is thoroughly blended and uniform. More so, the colours also provide unsurpassed glow and purity, which makes it ideal for use on canvas and various types of paper. You will also be pleased to know that the colours contain no lead, cadmium or cobalt.

For those who are not away, the Rembrandt brand is well known for producing high-quality colours for artwork. Usually, their products will provide velvety smooth softness with each application. Also, each colour does not contain hard bits or sharp edges, which could scratch your artwork. The paint won’t cause any shiny spots and is also suitable for professional purposes.

The Good

  • Quality paint manufactured using finely ground pure pigments
  • Vibrant colour is thoroughly blended and uniform, end to end
  • Colors of unsurpassed glow and purity
  • Pigments contain no lead, cadmium or cobalt

The Bad

  • N/A

Artway Soft Pastels Set – 24 Colours

Artway Soft Pastels Set - 24 Colours

The Artway Soft Pastel set is made using exceptional quality and soft material, which blends smoothly to produce the best art control. More so, each colour is vibrant and bright, and the high-quality pigments ensure optimal light quality. You will also appreciate the square profile pastels, which are ideal for various modern day art techniques and line widths.

The Artway Soft Pastel set is also suitable for beginners and experienced artists alike. All the colours in this set are made using sturdy and durable materials. Even more, the pastel work naturally creates a lot of loose particles on your chosen artwork surface – a key element of pastel artwork. Thus, you will be sure of producing artwork that stays in pristine condition for many years.

The Good

  • Made using excellent quality and soft colour material
  • Each colour is rich and bright
  • Square profile pastes suitable for many techniques
  • Sturdy and long-lasting colour construction

The Bad

  • Takes a lot of time to dry
  • Could be a bit smoother in consistency


You can work on your art projects with ease and deliver quality results when you have the right resources. An excellent place to get you started would be with one of the best soft pastels. These are unique colours, which you can customize, to produce vibrant and exceptional art results. The pastels are also simple to use and are best for both novice or even advanced professional artists.

When getting a soft pastel set, ensure that you check the quality of the colours, and determine whether it can suit your needs. These soft pastels should be easy to use and provide longevity benefits.