Top 4 Best Sketchbooks In 2020

The world would most definitely be gloomy without artists. Artists not only manage to evoke emotions – both sad and happy ones – but some of their paintings leave you in awe. Any artist will confess that, you never know when an idea will pop up in your head. As such, being ready with the right arsenal can make a lot of difference. One of the most important tools that an artist can have is a good sketchbook.

While the market is saturated with different kinds of sketchbooks, finding the best sketchbook for your type of art can make all the difference. But choosing one can be quite the challenge, especially if you don’t know what to look for. But not to worry. In this guide, we have reviewed some of the best sketchbooks that you can buy for yourself if you are an artist or as a gift to a loved one.

Strathmore Series Sketch Pad

Strathmore Series 400 Sketch Pads

One sketchbook brand that has positive reviews and is a darling to many artists is the Strathmore Series Sketch pad. As a brand, Strathmore focuses a lot more on research and customer feedback to continuously improve the quality of sketchbooks they produce hence why they are loved by many.


  • Ability to make use of different kinds of media to paint such as soft pastel, graphite pencil, sketching stick, and colored pencil
  • When it comes to your artwork, enjoy a prolonged life thanks to the acid-free paper that has been used thus guaranteeing longevity
  • Excellent sketchbooks for intermediates and beginners who are looking to improve their drawing skills
  • The paper used in making this sketchbook is all-purpose which means it’s the perfect sketchbook for experimentation as well as for perfecting your techniques
  • Nicely stands up to repeated erasures and reworking
  • It has a fine-tooth surface that effortlessly grabs dry media
  • The sheets are micro-perforated which means they stay true to size and tear out nicely
  • Each Strathmore sketch pad comes with 100 sheets of paper which ensures you have enough to keep going for a while
  • Comes in six different sizes giving you the freedom to but it in various sizes as well as pack


  • It’s a bit expensive compared to other sketchbooks


Travelogue Drawing Sketchbook

Travelogue Drawing Book

One thing we most definitely love about the Travelogue drawing sketchbook besides its quality pages is the fact that it comes in different colors. In addition, it is also available in various sizes. This means that you are able to choose this sketchbook in a color and size that works for your kind of art.


  • Comes in four different colors – Ivory Black, Vermilion Red, Cadmium Green, and Ultramarine Blue – to suit your style
  • The sheets of papers used in making this sketchbook are not only buff-colored, but they are also heavyweight which enables it to better absorb the media used
  • It’s available in six different sizes – Large Portrait, Large Landscape, Pocket Landscape, Grand Portrait, Pocket Portrait, and square
  • This sketchbook is versatile as it can accommodate different types of media – both dry and wet – such as pencil, acrylic paint, watercolors and pens
  • Excellent notebook for artists or creatives who are always on the go as it is light and can fit easily into your backpack or handbag
  • It has a bookmark that helps with marking pages and boasts of 128 smooth drawing pages
  • The rounded corner design gives it a beautiful look while coupled with the elastic closure and a European cloth cover that is not only durable but nicely woven


  • Some customers have complained that some media types bleed through the page


Moleskine Art Sketchbook

Moleskine Art Plus Hard Cover Sketchbook

Moleskine is a brand that is loved by different professionals. This is because they don’t just make sketchbooks for artists, they also make diary planners, notebooks, planners as well as other forms of writing supplies. In fact, regardless of your professions, you can be assured that there is a Moleskine for you.


  • Its renown and trusted brand when it comes to sketchbooks
  • It’s available in three different colors – black, sapphire blue and scarlet red – and in four different sizes giving you the freedom to buy one that works for your kind of art
  • Excellent quality of sheets used allowing you to have a seamless drawing or sketching experience
  • This sketchbook has an inner storage folder as well as an elastic closure band to nicely hold your pages
  • Comes with a thick cover and ivory pages that accommodate various forms of media
  • The cover and binding boast of a durable finish that’s designed for the everyday sketching, drawing or writing
  • This sketchbook is thread bound and features a nicely rounded corners, acid-free paper, elastic closure as well as a bookmark to manage your pages
  • Lightweight which makes it portable giving you the freedom to carry it with you everywhere


  • Some customers have complained that this sketchbook isn’t ideal for anyone that will use an eraser regularly


Crescent Hardbound Sketchbook

Crescent Creative Products

Now, the Crescent Hardbound Sketchbook is one of our favorite sketchbooks. This is because they use an underlying technology that lets you draw or sketch on both sides without experiencing any type of bleeding or tracing.


  • Utilizes the Render no-show technology that prevents any form of tracing or bleeding letting you draw on both sides
  • An excellent sketchbook that accommodates almost all types of art media, markers included
  • Each sketchbook comes with 48 quality pages that are not only heavyweight but are also acid-free which prolongs the life of your art
  • The lignin-free paper has been nicely bound together using the Smyth-sewn binding
  • Great value for money as you are able to make use of each page of this sketchbook
  • The soft-touch hardbound cover boasts of a beautiful exterior
  • Crescent as a brand is invested in improving the quality of sketchbooks they make producing quality sketchbooks that have the artist’s comfort in mind
  • Quality sheets of paper that allow different types of media to dry almost immediately
  • The sheets are two-sided meaning you can draw or make 98 sketches if you use both sides of the paper


  • It doesn’t lay flat and will require a considerable amount of breaking in to use


Final Thoughts

A good sketchbook will not only help you experiment, but it will also help with improving your drawing or sketching techniques. When shopping around for a sketchbook, it’s important that you consider the size, weight, cover, default orientation, binding as well as the type of paper. If you plan on using different kinds of media on your sketchbook, then consider getting a sketchbook that can accommodate that. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all. Finding a sketchbook that works for your type of media will go a long way in helping you better your art and stay motivated.