The 7 Best Sites to Sell Art in 2020

As time goes by, digitalization is increasingly becoming an essential aspect of our lives. Art, as a discipline, is not an exception to this rule. The digitization of art is a good development because consumers and retailers around the world are finding it easier than ever to interact.

Auction houses, art galleries, and private sales are increasingly moving online. It’s a trend that shows no signs of stopping any time soon, and online purchases are improving every year.

Whether you want to sell reproduced prints, original paintings, or high-priced artwork, the best sites for selling art are a great place to start. The following guide will provide insight on these tops sites for your needs.




Just like Etsy, this best site for selling art has been serving clients for well over one decade. It has well over 300,000 unique monthly visitors and offers an exceptional user experience. The makers of the site made it with one goal – to eliminate the hassles associated with making a website. The site is simple to use and lets you customize your selling space in many ways.

They have exceptional customer service, and they respond fast to customer queries. Even more, they also help you make solid connections with other artists. The goal of such a common approach is to make it easy to share your skills and products with other people in your field.

You will also be pleased to know that the site takes care of the SEO process, to make sure you find it easy to share your creations with your clients. The site takes APIs, and each shop on the site has the goal of optimal ranking results. This way, your products get to all people all around the world, even if the level of competition is high.

The Good

  • Fast customer services and response times
  • Performs SEO services for clients
  • Affordable product offers and packages

The Bad

  • Has several user settings that you need to master




It’s an Australian company founded in 2006, and it also offers print on demand services for your convenience. Redbubble is a “free” online market, which has the goal of connecting artists to consumers and other artists from around the world. While the website has a simple interface, it has all the convenient features you need to enjoy selling your image products.

The Redbubble is among some of the top sites on this list because it provides convenient features. For instance, the site lets you set your profit margin on sales, so you find it suitable for your needs. While the average margin averages at 17%, you can increase or decrease this level in relation to specific factors. These include factors such as time of the year, the quality of your work and the amount of traffic your products can attract.

The site covers various factors, including printing, payment, delivery, and more. This way, you get to focus on producing quality products, while the site helps you handle the rest. Also, you will gain access to quality analytics, which you can use to improve the performance of your art campaign.

The Good

  • Allows you to set the profit margin
  • The site handles payment, printing, and delivery
  • They provide in-depth analytics and information

The Bad

  • The support staff replies slowly




Unlike the sites mentioned before, Pixapp is an app-based website which offers the best of Instagram and Redbubble in one interface. The site lets you enjoy a host of unique functions for your convenience. For instance, you can connect to artists you like, artists get to keep well over 75% of the amount they make on artwork. More so, signing up for the site is a free process, and you also get you to list your art for free.

Plus, artists also get the opportunity to upload their designs on various products sold on the site. These include products such as mugs, t-shirts, canvases, and more. Moreover, clients can order products directly by using the app free of charge. Once the site sells your product, they take care of the entire process involved in delivering the product. These include merchandise, shipping, and customer services.

Moreover, they have an outstanding and straightforward to use website interface for an immersive user experience. With well over 5,000 downloads on google store, this new app is set to change how artists and consumers interact.

The Good

  • Takes care of the printing and shipping process
  • Available with a high-quality mobile application
  • Highly responsive customer support team

The Bad 

  • N/A 




Artnet makes up for a modern way to collect and share art today. Thus, if you are an artist, or anything relating to this field, then this site is perfect for you. Founded in 1989, the goal of the site has been to improve communication between sellers and consumers. While the site started in 2008, they continue to provide reliable services up to today. Based on its extensive history, the site has one of the largest stores of artwork.

Thus, it’s a serious contender in this list of best websites for art sales. You get access to various resources, including being able to put your artwork up for sale. More so, they also have informational guides for the prices and a highly intuitive user interface. The site also makes it easy to get in touch with potential clients and buyers, through the gallery directly.

You will be pleased that the site also has useful information for your needs. For instance, the site lists the prices of well over 1,000 auctions that date back to 1985.

The Bad

  • Has a listing of authentic and high quality artwork
  • Affordable prices and informative user guides
  • Has over two decades of experience in art production

The Bad 

  • Takes time before your profile gets approved 




You probably have not considered Amazon for selling art. Ranking as one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world today, Amazon also serves as an excellent place to sell your artwork. The site started its Art section in 2013, and it’s a unique platform for selling your artwork.

The eCommerce giant started its art section in 2013, and it’s an excellent way for artists to sell their artwork. They have guest curators that provide the site with a unique gallery feel, and ease of use. It also has a homepage that is well categorized into categories for your convenience.

If you want to sell art on the site, you may have to go through a preapproval process. As a result, you need to have quality artwork and legitimate business to qualify to sell your products on the platform. More so, they also don’t allow for the sale of 3D art, which means sculptors have to find another option for selling the art.

The Good

  • Affordable and reliable services
  • Amazon ranks as a global retailer giant
  • High-quality user interface and experience

The Bad

  • The preapproval process is rigorous 




If you want to see your artwork printed on different products, then Society6 is a great place to start. Why? Well, the art website lets you set your royalties on any products sold under your brand. This way, you find it easy to negotiate for a suitable price for your products.

The profit range averages between $2 to $14, and this depends on a host of factors. You will find it easy to select items that you can feature on the leading shop of the site. Thus, consumers have the opportunity of accessing your designs without having to visit your shop. More so, the fulfillment of orders is also a process in which the site covers and customer support are highly reliable.

Even more, various large artists have chosen to use the site to avail their products, including Evie SEO and Andreas Lie. Thus, the site offers optimal credibility, and it’s also easy to use. Even more, even if other artists pose as competition, the site has reliable staff who can help you promote the products.

The Good

  • Hosts various professional artists across the world
  • Affordable package and service pricing
  • Reliable customer support and staff

The Bad 

  • Could use a more appealing profile interface 




With offices in Miami and London, Artfinder lists work from well over 10,000 artists from all over the world. More so, they have a vast store of over 400,000 pieces of artwork, which are all original. There are no posters, and no reproduction prints can be sold on the platform. When it comes to the accepted mediums on the site, they have a broad and diverse coverage range.

Founded in 2011, the site is entirely exclusive, and they have a unique selection process before you can join the platform. You just have to submit your best projects and a compatible statement as well. Once you are accepted to the online shop, you will appreciate how the company takes on authenticity and the general community.

The Good

  • Lists well over 400,000 pieces of artwork
  • Fast user profile approval process
  • Support for SEO and art sales

The Bad

  • N/A




It’s indeed the era of digitalization, and many aspects of lives are improving significantly. For artists, the best sites for selling art can be a great way to share your work and interact with other artists. The list of sites is diverse, and you have to evaluate a specific platform that suits your needs. Yes, what suits one artist may not necessarily suit another artist. That said, this guide goes in-depth into some of the top websites currently, and you are sure of the best results with them.