The 7 Best Generic and Remanufactured Ink Cartridges In 2021

Printer ink and toner has always been an annoying cost factor for many businesses.  While printers themselves are relatively inexpensive, the ink that goes in them can end up costing you more than the printer itself in many cases.

To combat this, “remanufactured inks”, also sometimes referred to as generic ink catridges, are quickly being embraced as an economical option by small businesses and individuals looking for ways to save on printing costs.

When trying to purchase high quality remanufactured inks, it is essential that you consider some factors a few of which should include compatibility, budget, and the capability to print multiple colors, among others. Below are some of the top-rated refurbished ink cartridges that you should consider for purchase.

#1 – JARBO Remanufactured ink Cartridge for HP 63XL

JARBO Remanufactured Ink

Compatible with a majority of HP printers within the OfficeJet, Envy, and Deskjet series, the JARBO refurbished ink cartridge is a crowd favorite, we had to include it in the list. These cartridges are typically packaged as a combo consisting of tri-color and black cartridges. According to the company, these cartridges have been fully tested to check on their functionality, page yield, print quality, and performance. So good is the ink that the company offers users a money-back guarantee that lasts for two years should a user experience any of the aforementioned issues with the cartridge. Finally, the manufacturer of the ink claims that the ink cartridges are MSDS and ISO-9001 certified.


  • Users receive money-back guarantee.
  • The remanufactured ink is reasonably priced.
  • The ink cartridges claim to utilize less energy when printing, and this translates to it being an environmentally friendly ink cartridge.


  • It is incompatible with the HP OfficeJet 5258 and 5255.


#2 – Valuetoner for HP 61XL HP

Valuetoner Remanufactured

Well-matched with the HP 61XL printer and other similar printer models, the Valutoner remanufactured ink cartridge is another top contender for the best list. Typically, the package of this cartridge consists of 2 black cartridge replacement for HP 61XL; however, this cartridge is compatible with other Deskjet, Envy, and Officejet printers. According to the manufacturer, each cartridge is capable of printing 480 pages without compromising on the quality of the prints. They even guarantee that users will enjoy professional prints and an extended printer life.


  • The volume page yield is pretty high, which means users can rely on the printer, giving them some decent print volumes before it is depleted.
  • The ink cartridges are relatively easy to install.
  • The print performance is surprisingly decent.
  • It works pretty well with all paper types.
  • The price is not too steep.


  • Incompatible with certain numbers of HP printers.
  • Several users have complained that they received leaking cartridges, so it is vital to verify this to avoid getting smeared prints.
  • The cartridge contacts require cleaning before they are installed.


#3 – MyCartridge 952XL

myCartridge Compatible Ink

This remanufactured ink cartridge is produced by a company known as myCartridge. It consists of a 4-color pack that includes 1 cyan, 1 black, 1 magenta, and 1 yellow. The ink cartridges offer a pretty great page yield with a 5% coverage for each of the cartridges. Each color can yield up to 1500 pages while the black can yield up to 2300 pages. The ink cartridges are taken through a variety of rigorous and professional tests to minimize the production of defective products. The ink cartridge also has a chip and ink functionality that facilitates the monitoring of ink levels when the cartridges are in use. It’s also compatible with most of the HP OfficeJet Pro printer models.


  • Users can easily monitor ink levels in this cartridge.
  • It provides great value for money as it has a high page yield, and great precision when it comes to outputted images and texts.


  • It does not work well with most printer models that are not from the HP brand. Therefore, the users are likely to experience major challenges with print quality.


#4 – Smart Ink

Smart Ink Compatible Ink

One can easily confuse the Smart Ink cartridges to be the real deal as they look and feel like so, yet they are approximately one-quarter of the price of OEM substitutes. The package contains 10 cartridges – namely two photo black, two black cartridges, two yellow, two magenta, and two cyan. Each color cartridge delivers at least 750 pages of prints, which is 300 and 550 pages less than the black units.  The print quality and page yield is pretty damn close to that of HP cartridges, which means users will be pleasantly surprised.


  • Gives the same page yield as other OEM printer models.
  • The print colors are just as vibrant, and the text is relatively clean.
  • The cartridges are extremely economical


  • The instructions on the cartridges are pretty hard to follow, making the installation process complicated for beginners.


#5 – LxTek

LxTek Compatible Ink

The LxTek replacement cartridge looks and feels like the original HP cartridges minus the associated overinflated cost. These cartridges undergo an intense process where they are cleaned, reinstated, and refilled ready to be used. The package deal typically consists of five packs of cartridges that include one yellow, two black, one magenta, and, one cyan. Each container is equipped with an upgraded chip that monitors inks levels and promises compatibility with your printer. The cartridges promise to achieve 1,500 pages for the color cartridges and 2,300 pages via the black cartridge.


  • The ink is extremely affordable.
  • The refurbished ink cartridges deliver true colors that are rich and vibrant.
  • The ink monitoring usually displays the correct levels, unlike other cartridges that show the wrong levels.
  • In comparison to other cartridges, the page yield here is quite high.


  • The ink does not work well with glossy printing paper.
  • Users need to constantly clean their printer to ensure that there is no clogging of their printer heads.


#6 – GREENBOX Remanufactured Ink Cartridge 

GREENBOX Remanufactured

A perfect replacement for HP’s 61XL, the remanufactured cartridges from GREENBOX include a black and tri-color canister. The cartridges have a page yield of 480, and 330 pages for the black and tri-color, respectively. These page yields are exactly the same as those of the OEM cartridges. GREENBOX has mastered the art of color accuracy and dynamism without bleeding through or smearing the paper. The ink cartridges are compatible with a lot of HP Envy and Deskjet printers, but it’s vital to verify the compatibility of your printer before making the purchase.


  • The ink does not bleed through onto the medium it is used on
  • The color accuracy is absolutely stunning and exceptional.
  • The installation process is quite easy and straight forward.
  • The company offers excellent customer support.


  • The quality control of the cartridges could be improved as the potential to receive leaking cartridges is pretty high.


#7 – LEMERO Remanufactured Ink Cartridge

LEMERO Remanufactured

If you are big on photography or you regularly print documents with photos, then LEMERO ink cartridges should be your go-to refurbished ink cartridge. It consists of two cartridges, i.e., one tricolor and one black, which have a page yield of 330 and 480 pages, respectively. The LEMERO cartridges perform excellently when printing smear-free text, bright colors, and detailed photos. Regardless of the paper being used, the outcome does not disappoint, and we constantly found ourselves wondering if they could be better than original OEM cartridges.


  • The photos rendered are exquisite.
  • Extremely easy to install.
  • Users get value for money as the color accuracy in both pictures and documents is top-notch.


  • The printer head needs regular cleaning, especially mid-cartridge lifecycle.


Bottom Line

When people purchase printers, they tend to overlook the prices of OEM ink cartridges. This becomes a challenge when eventually they realize that the cost is too high.  Remanufactured ink cartridges are less pricey options that provides the same great service. Each of the refurbished ink cartridges discussed in our article is a great option to consider when making your decision.

Besides being affordable, they also have a great shelf life. When choosing which remanufactured cartridge you should settle for, always remember to refer to your needs as they will best guide your decision. We certainly hope that you found something that meets those needs here, and if not, let us know which one you settled for and why.

What are Remanufactured Ink Cartridges?

But what exactly are remanufactured ink cartridges? It refers to cartridges that have been recycled and taken through a process where they are cleaned, processed, and refilled to be used on a printer.

These cartridges usually function with most, if not all, printers. However, this is dependent on their compatibility. This actually means that users no longer have to purchase the original cartridges, which, most of the time, are usually too expensive. Identifying the best remanufactured ink cartridges can be a relatively daunting task, but this doesn’t always have to be the cause particularly if you know what you are looking for.