The 5 Best Printers For Printing Black And White In 2020 

Monochrome printers are perfect for offices that don’t deal with much graphical printing. But aside from printing black and white, why would anyone go for a monochrome printer? 

Monochrome printers offer simplicity. Such printers are quite in demand for all sorts of business owners and individuals these days as they are cost-friendly too. 

But what differentiates a good monochrome printer from the rest? Its features and connectivity are the ones you should look out for when buying a monochrome printer. 

Let’s not waste any more time. Take a look at the best printers for printing black and white. 


Brother HL-L2350DW 

Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer, HL-L2350DW

Let’s begin today’s article by talking about the budget-friendly and arguably the best value for money monochrome printer. The Brother HL-L2350DW does an exceptional job of printing black and white. It also comes with a handful of useful features. 

Brother was always known for making sturdy printers at a cheap price and the 2350DW is no different. It’s also quite light at just 17 lbs. It functions with the help of laser printing technology. You can control this printer through a one-line monochrome LCD. 

Now, let’s dive into the performance section. We were completely satisfied with its performance. It has a solid 2400 x 600 dpi resolution for which the printouts are crisp and accurate. The print speed of 32PPM is satisfactory. It also supports duplex printing. 

As for connectivity, you won’t be left disappointed. The Brother HL-L2350DW features USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi connection interfaces. On top of that, you can directly print from AirPrint, Google Print, and Brother iPrint&Scan. 

However, the lack of an ethernet port and no support for external drives is disappointing. 

Overall, the Brother HL-L2350DW provides excellent value at very little price. If low-cost monochrome printing is what you’re looking for then this is what you should go for. 


  • Affordable price. 
  • An exceptional 2400 x 600 dpi resolution. 
  • Superfast 32 ppm printing speed. 
  • Supports Duplex printing. 
  • A fast USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi connection interfaces. 
  • Supports direct printing from Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Brother iPrint&Scan, and Wi-Fi Direct. 


  • No ethernet port. 
  • Doesn’t support external drives. 



Brother HL-L2300D 

Brother HL-L2300D


If the 2350DW seems pricey to you, we still have a solution for that. The Brother HL-L2300D is a cheaper alternative to the HL-L2350DW. For a printer that’s priced sub $100, it performs like a beast. 

The Brother HL-L2300D is what you’d expect from a budget printer. It has nearly all of the utilities of a higher-end printer but at a much cheaper price. This laser printer has a monthly print cycle of 10,000 pages. On top of that, it also features a toner saver mode making this printer an even more budget-friendly option. 

The performance section is pretty much the same as the HL-L2350DW. It has the same 2400 x 600 dpi print resolution. On top of that, the active area of 8.5 x 14″ is quite big too. And finally, the fast printing speed of 27 ppm ensures that a page is being printed every 2 seconds. 

But the one area where it truly lacks is the connection area. You’ll only get a USB 2.0 connection interface. The lack of direct printing and Wi-Fi connectivity is what you may not like about this printer. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a monochrome printer at the cheapest price then you won’t find a better option than this one.  


  • It’s quite affordable being a sub $100 printer. 
  • Can print up to 10,000 pages every month. 
  • The toner saver mode requires minimal ink to print. 
  • A high 2400 x 600 dpi print resolution. 
  • Fast 27PPM print speed. 
  • Prints up to 8.5 x 14″ sized papers. 


  • Lacks direct printing and Wi-Fi connection interface. 



Brother MFC-L2710DW 

Brother Monochrome Laser Printer

Sometimes having a printer isn’t enough. You have to scan, copy, and fax your documents. But what if your monochrome printer could do all that? The Brother MFC-L2710DW is an all-in-one printer that can handle all of your office work.

We were sold on its ability to do multiple things at once. It can print, scan, copy, and fax. It’s based on a laser printing technology and has a gigantic monthly duty cycle of 15,000 pages. 

The performance section of this printer is quite formidable. It boasts of a high 2400 x 600 dpi print resolution. The print speed of 32 ppm is exceptionally fast too. You can also print a maximum of 8.5 x 14″ sized paper on this printer. 

The Brother MFC-L2710DW is no slouch when it comes to connection options. You’ll find RJ11, RJ45, USB-B, and Wi-Fi as connection interfaces. You can also print directly from Wi-Fi Direct, AirPrint, or Google Cloud Print. There’s also a 50 sheet ADF (Automatic document feeder). 

However, we weren’t fond of the lack of USB thumb drive support. On top of that, the ADF doesn’t auto duplex. 

Overall, the Brother MFC-L2710DW is a handy solution to those who need multi-functionality with their printer. So if you like it then go for it! 


  • It has multiple usabilities. 
  • It can print up to 15,000 pages every month. 
  • It boasts of a 2400 x 600 dpi print resolution. 
  • An exceptionally fast 32 PPM print speed. 
  • Print directly from Wi-Fi Direct, AirPrint, or Google Cloud Print 
  • Prints up to 8.5 x 14″ sized paper.


  • Lacks USB thumb drive support. 
  • ADF doesn’t support auto duplex. 



Xerox VersaLink B400 

Xerox VersaLink B400/DN

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, you should find a professional-grade printer such as the Xerox VersaLink B400. This mid-high range monochrome printer was designed for handling official paperwork. 

So what makes the Xerox B400 an office-grade printer? A few things. First of all, it has a solid build quality alongside a 5″ touchscreen LCD. This makes you look like you’re operating a supercomputer. Despite being a large printer, it weighs just about 37lbs. 

In terms of performance, it is perhaps one of the best overall. You’ll get a super-high 1200 x 1200 dpi print resolution with this printer. On top of that, you’ll also find 47PPM superfast print speed. It also has one of the highest monthly duty cycles with 110,000 pages.  

The other features of this printer are great too. For example, The USB 3.0, Ethernet and NFC connection interface are great for those who don’t want to upgrade that often. You can also print directly from the USB port. This printer is also compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, macOS, and Linux. 

However, the running costs are a bit high. You’ll need to install Wi-Fi separately. 

Overall, the Xerox Versalink B400 is a great office great printer at a reasonable price. If this is what you’re looking for then go for it. 


  • The build quality is solid. 
  • A super-high 1200 x 1200 dpi print resolution provides crisp print quality. 
  • Superfast 47 PPM print speed. 
  • One of the highest monthly duty cycles with 110,000 pages. 
  • Fast USB 3.0,, Ethernet and NFC connection interface. 
  • The 5″ touchscreen LCD is great for navigation.


  • The running costs are high. 
  • Wi-Fi needs to be installed separately. 



Lexmark B2650dw 

Lexmark B2650dw

For this final one, we wanted to go for something big. If spending money is a problem for you then we suggest you take a look at the Lexmark B2650dw. This printer has all the features of a high-end monochrome printer! 

Why is it priced so high? It’s because of the superior performance section and the utilities it provides. On top of that, the Lexmark B2650dw is Energy Star certified. The Lexmark B2650dw also has a pretty solid build quality and will take bumps with ease (If you give it any!). 

Let’s talk about the performance now, it’s undoubtedly the best on this list. For starters, you’ll get up to 47PPM printing speed! The print resolution is 1200 x 1200 dpi and provides perfectly printed details. It also features integrated duplex printing.  

As for the connections and other features, you won’t be disappointed a bit. It has a monthly duty cycle of 175000 pages. The laser cartridges yield is up to 10,000 pages. It also has USB, Ethernet cable, and Wi-Fi connection interfaces. 

However, the print costs are a bit high on top of what already is a high-cost printer. 

Overall, the Lexmark B2650dw provides the users with one of the best monochrome printing experiences. So if you’re ok with the price then go for it. 


  • Energy-star certified printer. 
  • Has a solid build quality and can take bumps. 
  • Up to 47 ppm printing speed. 
  • Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi print resolution. 
  • A super-high monthly duty cycle of 175000 pages. 
  • It features USB, Ethernet cable, and Wi-Fi connection interfaces. 
  • Supports duplex printing. 


  • Print costs are high. 
  • Expensive. 



Wrapping Up 

Most of the time people go for colored printers that can also print in black and white. This is why you won’t find many suggestions regarding printers that can only print in black and white. 

In today’s article, we’ve done just that. We’ve brought you the best printers for printing black and white. Some are budget-friendly while some are expensive and has a lot of features. Go for the one that matches your needs.