The 6 Best Pigment Ink Printers In 2020

If there is anything that shouldn’t be missing in a professional photographer’s and graphics designer’s workspace, it is the pigment ink printer.  But with so many options on the market today, it can be really difficult to choose.

We’ve done the work and evaluated all the options and came up with this final list.  We hope this can make the process much easier for you in making your purchasing decision.

Without further ado, here are our choices of the best pigment ink printers available in the market today:

#1 – Canon IP8720

Canon IP8720

If you want something wireless, this is it. This machine is designed for cloud printing for as long as you are connected to a WiFi and your cloud connection is enabled. All you need is a compatible computer and you can print from just anywhere within the premise’s perimeter. With these, you can get your print projects done at super speed.

Also known as an air printer, this machine is home-friendly. You can use it for your creative DIY projects. This sleek easy-to-operate machine will also allow you to print on matte, glossy and semi glossed papers. This is not one of those printers where it keeps the papers stuck somewhere in between and you have to hit it to release the paper. This printer will just spit printouts smoothly and easily.

Canon IP8720 is designed to allow you to also print your photos in different sizes. It has up to six cartridges, and it can take a large color palette. Whatever comes out of this printer is superior in quality and excellence. Its ink compatibility is very diverse and should not cause a huge challenge.


  • It prints different photo sizes.
  • The production is superior in quality.
  • It has a large number of cartridges.
  • It does not jam, unlike other printers.
  • Excellent for both home and office purposes.
  • It is wireless.


  •  Requires constant ink refills.
  •  It does not give a large cartridge capacity.


#2 – Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

This sleek wireless option is very agreeable, user friendly, and very easy to operate. Even your small toddler can print photos on them for fun. It is good for a household appliance as well as an office printer. Don’t get stuck in small sizes photo prints when you can print up to 13X19 inch sizes.

One of the best features of this printer is that it is lockable. If you want to personalize it and you do not want anybody else using it, you can lock it when not in use. It is also multi-colored, and comes in wide format. With it, you can print anytime you want. It produces high colored definition images.


  • Fit for home purposes.
  • It is lockable.
  • User friendly and very easy to operate.
  • It has a multi-colored option.
  • It produces high definition images.
  • The refills and replenishments can be ordered online.
  • It can be automated.
  • It is a wireless solution.


  • The 8 color tubes have to be all refilled.


#3 – Canon PIXMA Pro

Canon Pixma Pro-100

This one is a professional printer best suited for office and schoolwork. If you are also an artist who draws or a graphics designer, this machine should be your best friend. You will love every experience you have with it. This superior quality printer can be used to print just about anything.

It is compatible with other devices like smartphones, cameras, and SD cards. The ink produces vivid excellent quality images. Its chroma optimizer will also give it that touch of beauty and glossiness. The outlook of your output is always uniform and very clear. This printer has a wide color range. But for people who are quite laid back, deep black is always the best option.

This printer has high compatibility with an optimum image generating system that reproduces colors as you imagined them out to be. The output tray can hold up to 150 sheets of paper beside the other sheets. I would say this is a fair deal because this machine seems to have been designed to strike a balance that no other printer can.


  • It has 8 dye-based inks.
  • It selects the optimum ink combination and placement.
  • It only replaces the inks that run out.
  • It is highly compatible.
  • It produced great detailed prints.
  • Chroma optimizer adds beauty.
  • The output tray can hold up to 150 plain sheets of paper beside the others.
  • Highly compatible with your gadgets and SD cards.


  • Replacing inks needs small multiple caps.


#4 – Epson Stylus Photo R2880 Wide-Format

Epson Stylus Photo R2880

Print with vivid magenta ink up to 13X19 photos. This machine is a miracle worker and you will love every experience and production you make with it. This Epson option will give you superior quality HD photos you can ever get anywhere.

This machine is very versatile, and you can use it in the colored mode. You can also use it either in black and white or monochrome. The machine comes with 8 tubes of pigments. You are at liberty to choose that which you want. If you are into crisp images and vivid outlining, this machine can give you the darkest black color.

This machine is very unique in style. If you add it as one of your home appliances, it will easily gel well with your interior decors. This machine is a great idea for artists who want to make the best out of their creative genius through seamless prints. The quality of its production is very consistent and impressive.


  • 3-level black technology.
  • It has a broad color palette.
  • It produces consistent quality.
  • New cartridges can be used for print permanence of 200years or more.
  • It produces vivid images.
  • It produces superior quality HD photos.
  • It is a versatile machine.


  • It requires you to buy a spare set of papers and cartridges.


#5 – Epson SureColor P400

Epson SureColor P400

This is yet another excellent edition from Epson. As always, the quality is superior and very thoughtful. This machine is highly refined, it is best suited for creative printing. It has a versatile 13 inch wide-format photo format for creative individuals. If you have this at your disposal and you are creative enough, there is no miracle you can’t do with this machine.

This machine is best suited for fine arts, photograph collection, wall frame photography, portraits, and roll paper printing. The machine can work extensively without even breaks and it will be still as new as the day you bought it. This means that the machine is built for endurance and superior quality.

You can use this machine for your art projects, passion projects, and for your businesses. This relentless machine also offers a wireless option and it can work for days nonstop.


  • It is highly versatile.
  • It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS.
  • It is built with artists and photographers in mind.
  • It stays strong even with extensive use.
  • It is a wireless option.
  • The quality is superior.
  • Its operating temperature is excellent.


  • It doesn’t come with freerolls of paper.

#6 – EPSON STYLUS C88+ Inkjet Printer Color

Epson Stylus C88+


This small and sleek compact machine comes in four different and delightful colors. The machine is designed to print all kinds of papers and is suitable for all kinds of colored prints. It has a host of features that are made to satisfy all your printing needs – both for DIY and office purposes.

One quick note whenever you are using this machine. To avoid any mess and wastage of ink, always check your machine. This machine has been designed to notify you in the event that you are running low on pigment. This error notification will save you a lot on both paper and the pigment.

This printer is designed to work on both plain and glossy paper surfaces. It will give you nothing short of beautiful and high definition colored prints. This machine uses a maximum mono print speed that has a very beautiful and clear resolution.  Epson is one of those reputable electronics companies. This sturdy machine from them will not let you down.


  • Works on both glossy and plain papers.
  • Its input tray holds up to 120 sheet capacity.
  • It can be connected through a USB port.
  • The printer has up to 4 cartridges.
  • The printer can be connected directly to a media card.
  • It is of superior quality.


  • It has only one input tray which is inconveniencing for the busy bees.
  • It doesn’t come with a paper stuck.