Top 5 Best Painting Easels In 2020

An easel is as important to an artist just as a table is to a sitting room. It is almost as though when an artist stands beside an easel immersed and lost to whatever they are working on, their wildest dreams come through.

That is not entirely farfetched. As an artist, whether you are a beginner or seasoned, an easel is a very important piece of tool to help put your ideas out to the world.

It can get pretty confusing and hectic trying to pick the right one from among all the available brands trying to outdo each other in the marketplace. The following are our top picks and their respective buying guides.

American Easel Oak Yazhi Easel

American Easel Oak Yazhi Easel-Golden Finish View Prices!

This is a very affordable painting easel constructed from quality Red-Oakwood. It is an excellent choice for beginners and student painters. Its build is perfect and precise and the oakwood material is there to serve you for a very long time. It is sturdy and does not shift carelessly on the ground while it is in use.

American Easel Oak Yazhi Easel is designed with rubbed on its feet to prevent it from sliding around. Its exceptional design also allows you to fold it away safely when not in use. It does not require any unnecessary assembling and disassembling all the time.

Oak Yazhi Easel stands at 60 inches tall. Its canvas holder is adjustable with 12 inch and 18 inches. Its actual weight is 11 pounds and the back leg has a security chain. It is manufactured in the United States and it holds up to 44 inches canvas. It has a golden finish that gives the painting canvas a beautiful look.


  • It has a security chain.
  • It is great for beginners.
  • It has a fold away design.
  • It does not require assembling and disassembling.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is sturdy.
  • It is made from excellent quality wood.
  • It does not skid.
  • It has a nice build.


  • It does not have a storage space.
  • It is not ideal for large projects.
  • It holds only a small canvas.
  • It does not even have a tray.
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Blick French Easel By Jullian

Jullian French Easel Original Half Box View Prices!

This one is a classic design. This French Easel by Jullian combines a sketch box, easel, and canvas carrier in one. It is perfectly perfect for the on-location Plein air painter. It has been handcrafted in naturally dried, oiled, and polished beechwood. Its easel is another good thing to add in its bag of excellence, it adjusts both in height and angle to suit the painter’s style and preference.

Perhaps that is not enough goodness yet. It has many more great attributes to it that include its weather-resistant, metal-lined box that holds a wood palette. This easel also has the capacity to store and transport paints and other accessories. It can be used as a canvas carrier too. It has a folded easel on the side that is great for carrying a completed painting.

The Blick French Easel by Jullian can accommodate a canvas up to 34″ high. It is available in a full box or half box size. The carrier bag with nylon handle and shoulder strap are free and it makes the stand portable.


  • It comes with a carrying case.
  • The quality is impressive.
  • It has plenty of storage space.
  • It is both attractive and lightweight.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It is very adjustable.


  • It is not sturdy or firm.
  • Quality degenerates over time.
  • Assembling can be a challenge.
  • It is a little bit expensive.
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Monte Marte Floor Easel

Mont Marte Floor Easel w/Tilt Beech Wood View Prices!

This is great for both beginners and professional artists. It is designed from excellent beechwood and the height can be adjusted to suit the painter’s preference. It weighs 18lbs and can hold up canvases that weigh up to 47 inches. The design is firm and does not skid out on trays.

Monte Marte Floor Easel is designed to withstand many years of heavy-duty projects. It is convenient and has a tray area for keeping your paints and brushes while at work. The design allows the painter to work in a preferred position, that is either sitting or standing. However, this painting easel requires assembling.

For stability and firmness, it has steel in its structure. It is easy to transport as it can fold itself flat. The design is beautiful, and it promises stability. It is also highly durable, and it can last you for years to come.


  • It is highly stable.
  • It is durable.
  • It has a tray area for keeping paints and brushes.
  • It is portable.
  • It is convenient.
  • It is perfect for beginners with smaller projects.
  • It can fold-flat for portability.
  • It allows working in a preferred position.
  • It does not skid.


  • It requires assembling.
  • It is not a great choice for professional painters with heavy projects.
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Sienna Plein Air Tripod

Sienna Plein Air Tripod Easel

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This easel can be independently locked into place at three different angles to enable painting in tight places or irregular surface areas, or at the ground level. This tripod has four sections and it features aluminum alloy legs. It also features magnesium alloy components which enable fast set up. This also makes the easel durable.

Sienna Plein Air Tripod can support up to 6kg which offers great stability during painting and in a windy environment. The ball head ensures a smooth secure operation pochade box in all angles. It is controlled by a one-touch adjustment knob that gives quick and precise positioning.

Its patented dual locking plate serves for a quick mounting and dismounting. The height is very easy to adjust, and the anti-rotation legs are great for easy and fast set up. This easel has a hang-bag holder. It also has a comfortable shoulder strap and a carrier case for storage and carrying.


  • It is lockable.
  • It comes with a carrier case.
  • It is durable.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It supports big canvases.
  • The height is adjustable.
  • It has a bag holder.
  • It has a built-in compass.
  • It offers great stability.
  • It is sturdy.
  • It is lightweight.


  • The mechanism can be tricky.
  • It is a bit costly.
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Mabef Sketchbook Easel M-22

Mabef Sketch Box Easel View Prices!

This French traditional easel combines an easel, sketchbook, canvas, and a carrier. This lightweight easel is ideal for fieldwork and the storage compartments make that even better. It is compact yet solid and very durable.

This Sketchbook Easel is made from oiled beechwood. Its hardware is made of brass and the handle is leather. The legs are designed to balance the load, especially on very rough and uneven terrain. The canvas holder can be adjusted to any angle and holds the painting up to 34″ high.

The sketch box in this easel is thinly lined with an accessory drawer and a lid that turns into a wooden palette. Underneath the drawer is even more storage space and the maximum height of the easel is 72″ and weighs 6kgs.


  • It is compact and solid.
  • It is perfect for fieldwork.
  • It is portable.
  • It has a leather handle.
  • The legs balance well even in uneven terrains.
  • The canvas holder is adjustable.
  • It has sufficient storage space.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It is durable.
  • It can be used while standing.
  • It is both solid and sturdy.


  • It is quite expensive.
  • It is a bit on the heavier side.
  • It is not as advertised.
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What You Should Consider When Buying an Easel

As mentioned earlier, shopping for an easy perfect for your needs is not a bed of roses. Not even when you are a seasoned artist. Easels come in various shapes, sizes, designs, and brands, and standing in an easel shop, you can easily look like a kid in front of a candy shop. Confused and smitten all at the same time.

From the above easels named as the best alongside the purposes, pros, and cons, here are the factors and characteristics drawn from them that should help you make your choice.

The Medium

You will need to first decide on the kind of medium you are going to use. Any liquid media will require you to work at low angles, but solid ones are just flexible to all the angles.


Where do you plan to do your painting? Is it out in the field? Working outside the studio in the open will require you to pick something portable, easy to set up, and firm enough to stand firm in uneven terrain and windy weather.


An easel with enough space in it to carry your brushes, canvas, paints and even a place to hang your bag is perfect especially if you are on the go artists. Most easels available in the market today have various spaces and compartments and they work perfect for both in the studio or out in the field.

Painting Style

Your preferred painting position will also play a very big role while choosing an easel to go home with. There are easels designed for sited positions and there are those for standing positions. However, the best latest in the market today are ideal for both sitting and standing.