The 4 Best Online Painting Classes in 2020

The internet is a revolutionary tool in our lives today. Aside from being an information hub, the internet makes it easy to gain education and learning materials with ease. For people with a passion for art, and particularly painting, the internet is an excellent place to start your learning career. While there are tens of thousands of learning programs, only a few of these courses are legitimate. Thus, you may have to narrow down to a list of a few classes, which are both valid and suitable for learning needs. These courses will help you to expand and grow your knowledge base.

Fortunately, we have done all the hard work for you already. We have identified some of the top courses for you to consider for your painting skills. They include:

BEGINNERS Watercolor. Get clear on the basics and just paint

Created by Nicola Blakemore BEGINNERS Watercolor program, you gain insight into useful content that you can use to take your artwork to the next level. The course averages more than three hours and offers information on how to use watercolors and mix them correctly with water. More so, the course contains well over 4 hours of on-demand video, ten articles, and lifetime access for students.

There is nothing better than a simple to use and highly interactive training program, which you can consider for your online painting needs. Thus, Nikola Blakemore has done well to create a simple to use program, which also incorporates useful insight from other novice students.

Furthermore, the course also provides useful information on how to color wash, create shapes, and shade as well. It also works well for learning how to create highlights and shadows when using watercolor paints. The goal of the course is to help students through the art of repletion, whereby students master by practicing several times.

Mastering Brushstrokes – Part 1

You are one step away from becoming a master painting professional or artist. Why? Well, because the Mastering Brushstrokes program is at the core of being an artist, with the course recommending the importance of brushwork in developing artwork. Created by Jill Powered, this online painting class involves simple to understand and simple program for training students about painting. Jill does well to break down her immense knowledge, which she has accumulated based on several years working in the painting industry.

The course is one part of a two-series course that covers a total of twelve of the twenty painting stroke technique. To be specific, the course breaks down the content, through application techniques, and also provides a short description of creating excellent masterpieces. More so, you will also gain access to useful content such as hands-on examples, live demonstrations, practices techniques, and more. By combining learning visuals and live techniques, you will be able to reduce your learning time by almost half.

Paint Realistic Watercolor and Botanicals – STUDIO BASICS

This is a basic watercolor course, taught by a highly experienced and knowledgeable artist. Packed full of wonderful insights, tips, and information, this course is perfect for every type of art setting. Furthermore, the class completes with two levels of exercise, which are particularly developed to introduce students to watercolor techniques. Other useful concepts that you learn in the introductory sections of the program include botanicals and realist watercolors development techniques.

It’s an all-inclusive painting guide, which will help you grow, mainly thanks to the inclusion of tests after each session. With a total of well over 3 hours of binge-worthy content, this course makes up for an excellent way to get training on painting techniques. The course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about watercolors and those who wish to become stand out artists.

The course is taught by Heidi Willis, who is a well-known Natural History Artist and Painting Tutor. Most of the techniques are mostly self-taught concepts, which she shares in her in-depth training program. She even provides critiques and responses to her students throughout their journey to mastery.

Modern Watercolor Techniques: Explore Skills to Create On-Trend Paintings

Expand your creativity and improve your painting skills when you have the Modern Watercolor Techniques program. This program contains step by step techniques, which you can use to take your painting prowess to the next level. The main focus is on watercolor techniques, and this is a critical aspect of learning about paints.

The developer of this program Cat Coquillette is responsible for selling thousands of paintings all over the world. Moreover, he has also given speeches and talks at various learning institutions around the globe. Thus, this course is the culmination of the immense experience he has acquired working and sharing painting knowledge over the world. The program teaches non-traditional techniques based on the watercolor medium, thus making it easy for a student to understand the broad nature of painting. She is also a location-based independent artist and designer, and you can reach out to her for services.

Even more, the course covers techniques such as mixing colors, sketching tips, adding details to paints, brush control techniques, and more. As a special bonus, the course is available with an additional video, which teaches weaving techniques using software. These include using software such as Photoshop, which are popular among artists from all over the world.


You can now learn about your favorite art techniques from the comforts of your chosen location. However, you have to remember that finding these learning courses online is not always easy. Thankfully, we have taken the time to outline some top courses for you to consider for your needs. These are time tested and proven online classes, which will take your skills to the next level.

The courses are available based on affordable subscription prices, and you gain access to content such as videos and downloadable files. Enroll for one of these programs today, and see notice how your skillset improves by the day.