Best Online Art Classes in 2020

Just like with anything in life, you get what you pay for. The same case applies to online art classes. Choosing to commit to an art class is a step in the right direction for any upcoming or professional artist that wants to be up-to-date with the market trends. By investing in a high-quality class taught by a leading professional, you will soon begin to see improvements in your work as an artist.

When choosing an online class, it’s important to first pay attention to your skill level before choosing a class. All classes are not the same. While some classes are best suited for beginners, others are ideal for intermediate or advanced artists. To ensure you make the right decision, we have reviewed some of the best online art classes that you can consider.


Most of you know Bluprint as Craftsy, a well-known online educational community devoted to learning about arts and crafts. Craftsy rebranded to Bluprint, and the site has continued to maintain the same standards and wealth of knowledge across various topics, among them art, drawing, and painting. Using the site, individuals are able to engage in a wide variety of art projects either by themselves or by relying on the instructors.

The art classes cover lots of topics such as sewing, knitting, quilting, cake decoration, embroidery, cooking, papercraft, jewelry painting, woodwork among others. This online class has hundreds of videos and dozens of courses giving you freedom to choose what works best for you. In fact, on Bluprint, you are able to choose a topic that interests you and focus on that completely. In addition, the courses offered on Bluprint are also very specific, which enables you to get the projects done on your own.
The classes are timely, and you get expert instructions so that you can create work that you are proud of. Blueprint is an excellent online class for a beginner or anyone that is keen on learning and improving their artistry skills. They have three plans – monthly, annual or premium. Signing up is easy as all you’ll have to do after is choose your plan, find a project, and start creating.

Drawing Essentials

In art education, Glenn Vilppu is quite famous and deserving of it. The six weeks he offers is one of the best online drawing class that you can find. He is also an instructor for professionals in art fields such as games, animation, and film studio globally. Vilppu’s six-week course is designed to help artists – beginners, intermediate and professionals alike – get knowledge on the basics and so much more, especially if one hasn’t studied formally.

Although the course isn’t cheap, it’s worth it. While there are plenty of online courses that juts offer video tutorials, Vilppu’s course is a lot more than that. You won’t be just watching videos lectures passively, but the end goal will be to recreate the experience of being part of a real-life art class. That means that your work will be critiqued every week, be part of group discussions as well as have a chance of asking questions and getting them answered by Vilppu.

In addition, just as it happens in a normal live class, you will have the ability to see critiques for the other students. Should you want to learn or improve on your figure drawing classes, there are classes available on his site for that as well. This is the perfect course for any artist that is just beginning or a professional that wants to improve their artwork.

Drawing and Sketching for Beginners

When choosing an online course, it’s always important to consider your experience level. One of the best online art class for a beginner is the ‘Drawing and Sketching for Beginners’ course that’s offered by Robin Slee. This is one of the best ways that you can get to see whether art is for you. This course provides you with content that is both in-depth and well researched. The price is also quite affordable compared to other online art courses available in the market.

Robin Slee, who developed this course and teaches it, is a self-taught digital illustrator and artist and has ensured that this course provides the information you need to suit your style. Want part is that his course is available on Udemy, and you can request for custom learning items. He is also a freelance artist and illustrator and does a good job of helping novice artists to get a head start on basic drawing concepts. Some of the most crucial concepts that the course covers are the right use of drawing templates, pencils, practice among others.
While this course seems basic, there is nothing basic about it as he uses an advanced structure to teach. Slee is also always ready to help his students throughout the learning process. In addition, the site has a Q&A section meant for feedback. There, individuals can seek and post feedback.

Figure Drawing Fundamentals

Figure Drawing Fundamentals is an advanced art program that’s taught by Stan Proko. Proko believes that the procedure of creating art tends to involve a specific technique or process and that the drawing technique or process can be effected on any figure or position. The program also has about 14 hours of video content that can be downloaded. The program comes with extra learning materials like pamphlets.
One thing that is attractive about this course is that students also get a chance to consult and seek recommendations and direct feedback from Stan Proko himself. This is especially important for students who want to learn and feel as if they are part of a real class being taught by a certified instructor. Students can also be rest assured that it will be worth their money and time as Proko has been able to accumulate a wealth of experience by working for platforms like the Watts Atelier School.

He is not only determined but is arguably one of the best drawing instructors you can get globally. His course is designed to suit the needs of both beginners and advanced artists. Students have the ability to access the content of the course using different types of devices such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

Final Thoughts

When making a decision on which course to take, it’s always important to pay utmost attention to the details. Besides the course cost, you need to factor in your availability. While not everyone can be an artist, the best artists also put in time and work to ensure they constantly improve themselves. And because sometimes moving from one place to the next isn’t practical, online art classes are a good solution.
Before making your choice on the online art class you want, ensure you conduct some research as well as read feedback from past students. This way, you will be getting the best value for your money and knowledge.