The 7 Best Language Translation Devices In 2021

There is nothing as annoying and frustrating as being in a place where everyone is talking in a language you do not understand. You feel left out and frustrated, or even alone and scared. You feel like everyone else is human and you are an alien dropped on earth.

But with technology, not even language barriers stand a chance. Language translators have been designed to help bridge the gap by making you understand what everyone else is talking about in foreign places.

If you are traveling and spending time in places where people speak a different language, you no longer have to be frustrated and depend on an interpreter who might not be that accurate. Step up your communication with one of these top-notch language translator devices.

#1 – WT2 Language Translator

WT2 Language Translator

This is one of the best language translator devices available in the market today. It is seamless and can work both online and offline in real-time. This translator covers up to 85% of the world’s population. It can translate up to 40 languages and 93 accents. Isn’t that impressive for a little device that fits in your ears?

This device comes with two wireless earpieces. One earpiece is for you and the other earpiece is meant for the person you are communicating with. This means that you can talk simultaneously without even having to face each other or pay attention to their facial expressions or their lips. It is hands-free and you can attend to other things while at it.

This device can achieve up to 95% ultra-accuracy. The chances of miscommunications are minimal. It even gets better when you are in an environment with good network reception such as Wi-Fi and 4G network. It will only take up to 3 seconds to pick voice recognition and translate it real-time into your language. All you need is to download the offline package to get the five main languages that you can use when you are in a non-network environment.


  • It is real-time.
  • It can translate up to 40 languages and 95 accents.
  • It supports offline translation for major languages.
  • It supports IOS and android with a wireless Bluetooth connection.
  • The communication is hands-free.
  • You get 95% ultra-high translation.
  • It takes 1-3 seconds to complete voice recognition and translation.


  • The offline translation is for a few languages.
  • Must be connected to a smartphone.
  • It is expensive.


#2 – Pocket Talk Language Translator

Pocketalk Classic

This is a two-way communicator and it can recognize up to 74 languages seamlessly. It features a built-in two-year data plan that translates conversations anywhere there is internet. This means that you can now globe-trot up to 133 countries without the fear of feeling like an outsider.  This translator will make you understand the languages spoken.

This Pocket Talk Language Translator is very special in its own way. It can pick up jargon, profanities, and even slang terms. This means that the device is extremely accurate. It is up to you to decide how to receive the translation which is either through speaking or texting. Some of the languages it can understand are Chinese, English, French, and Spanish.

For the device to be activated and for it to work flawlessly, all you need is a two-year data plan subscription which is all-inclusive upon purchase. It is compact in design and can fit in your clothes pockets. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. According to users’ reviews, the battery doesn’t hold power for long and it needs constant recharging.


  • It is multi-lingual and can translate up to 74 languages seamlessly.
  • Has a compact design that can easily fit in your pocket.
  • Recognizes slang words, profanities, jargon and translates them.
  • It is a dependable real-time translator.


  • The battery needs constant recharging.
  • A data plan subscription is required.
  • Needs to be handheld which causes inconvenience.


#3 – ili Instant Offline Translator

ili - Instant Offline Language

Finding a Wi-Fi spot so that you can communicate with people around you is near impossible and annoying. But this language translator device is designed to bridge that gap and make things easy and seamless for you when you are in foreign-language-speaking country. You can use this device anytime and anywhere.

This device is optimized for one-way translation. It is more suited for quick communication and also helps you to dine, navigate, and shop. This translator has been programmed with the most popular travel phrases. Once spoken, the device will quickly translate with any one of these three languages: Chinese, Mandarin, and Spanish.

The volume of the device is preset, and you will be able to hear perfectly well the translation in a quiet environment. However, if you are walking or located in a crowded and noisy space, it might get difficult and tricky to understand the translation because you cannot adjust the volume of the device. The design is small and can easily fit in your clothes pockets or a small purse.


  • It does not require Wi-Fi to translate.
  • Optimized for one-way translation.
  • It is optimized for travel’s most used phrases.
  • Translates both Mandarin and Chinese. Also translates Spanish.
  • It is small and easy to carry around.
  • It takes a minimum of two seconds to translate.


  • Only translates 3 languages.
  • The volume isn’t adjustable.
  • It does not recognize English.


#4 – Lincom Language Translator Device

Language Translator

This device is a world-leading Al Smart intelligent translator device engine. You will definitely love every single experience with it because its translation is real-time and has instant recognition. It translates over 138 languages and over 47 camera photo translations. If you are offline, it still can translate more than 14 languages.

This 2-way language voice translator is easy to use, and it does not require any complicated processes. It does not require a Simcard and neither does it require you to download any for you to be connected. All you need is to make your purchase and start getting your translation as soon as you need it.

The latest version of this device features a 2.4inch touch screen with 5 million pixels and an OCR (Character Recognition). It has a large capacity of 1500mAh and a battery support standby of over 3 days. People use this device widely when they are shopping, have business meetings, learning foreign dialects, and when in other foreign scenarios.


  • Superior in quality.
  • Very easy and convenient to use.
  • Widely used for a variety of translation purposes.
  • Features a large capacity and long battery support.
  • Features a 2.4inch touch screen with 5 million pixels and OCR.
  • Does not require a Simcard and any downloaded apps.
  • Has real-time 2-way translation support.
  • Supports over 138 online languages and 47 camera photo translations.
  • Supports up to 14 offline translations.
  • It can be used as a hotspot.


  • It is not hands-free.


#5 – JoneR Voice Language Translator Device


This device requires neither Wi-Fi nor a Simcard for it to be able to function and translate thanks to the built-in data plan. It will give you the required network access across 85 countries in two years. However, it is for voice-only translation. If you need the device for other purposes, that is when you will need a network connection.

It has a wide coverage of over 200 countries and translates both English and Chinese while offline. This device is powered by Al technology. It works seamlessly and smartly. It is optimized for real-time two-way voice translation between 55 languages and can recognize up to 75 regional accents. It works in a split second and is up to 98% accurate.

The device features a 13-megapixel camera and an OCR recognition technology. It will help you read foreign signs, maps, instructions, menus, and documents among others, in 15 languages. This works by taking pictures and translating them seamlessly. It supports 4 networks that include Wi-Fi, personal hotspot, Simcard, and Global Wi-Fi Data plan in over 85 countries. It also has a noise-canceling feature and a 3.1inch large screen.


  • Features a noise-canceling microphone.
  • Features easy-to-read design especially for the elderly.
  • It supports up to 4 ways of networking.
  • Features a 13-megapixel camera and OCR recognition technology.
  • It takes photos and recognizes and translates them.
  • Powered by world-leading Al technology.
  • Optimized for real-time two-way translation.
  • Translates in a split second with 978% accuracy.
  • Does not require Wi-Fi or a Simcard.


  • Problematic with certain languages.
  • Needs several attempts to translate certain phrases precisely.


#6 – Cheetah CM Smart Instant Language Translator

Cheetah CM

This is yet another awesome device powered by Al technology. It is powerful, reliable, and Microsoft-based. This device is also extremely accurate with instant translations and an innovative and advanced cloud processing system. This device will enable you to talk, translate, learn, and create new friendships.

This multi-language translation device will enable you to access the most popular languages. For its app to function, it requires an iOS 9.0/Android 5.0 version. It features a superior battery with an ultra-long performance that can last up to 180 days on standby and a maximum of 2 weeks when it is busy in use.

It is also a 2-way instant translator which will enable you to enjoy and practice conversations in different desired languages. It also gives you quicker learning due to the back and forth translations. It also allows you to have entertaining conversations while in a foreign area. This is the most trusted device used by many and powered by world-leading technology companies.


  • It is powerful and reliable.
  • It is powered by Al and Microsoft.
  • Provides extremely accurate and instant translation.
  • It has an innovative and advanced cloud processing system.
  • It is a multilingual translator.
  • It features a superior battery life with an ultra-long performance.
  • You get an instant 2-way translation.
  • Reliable and trustworthy.


  • Limited to only six languages.
  • Needs a Wi-Fi connection for it to work.


#7 – MORTENTR Translator Device


This 2-way device can translate up to 70 languages with its ultra-high translating accuracy for complicated sentences. It features a large 2.4 color touch screen that provides easy readability for voice to text translation. It also enables you to click on the screen to replay audio. It is suitable for face-to-face translation, and call translation.

All you need to do is click the screen to change a language pair. You can use this device for traveling, shopping, communication, and entertainment among others. Its speaker’s voice is loud and clear and has a voice recognition microphone.

In the beginning, the device will be a bit slow if you feed it long sentences to translate. But with time, it will adapt and work at the pace of the sentence. If you can access Wi-Fi or hotspot, you will not be required to use the mobile app. It is compact and easy to carry around.


  • 2-way translator for 70 languages.
  • High level of accuracy.
  • Independent unit with 2.4HD screen.
  • Has a lanyard for easy access.
  • Light and compact to hang it on your neck.
  • One-year warranty and guarantee.
  • Good customer service.
  • Has a high recognition ability.
  • It is versatile and allows you to pair two languages at a time.


  • Requires Wi-Fi access to work.
  • Can also require a mobile phone app.