The 5 Best Laminators For Foiling In 2021

Foil lamination is very pleasing if done right. It not only makes documents durable and protected, it also highlights the color and texture of your documents. But is foil lamination easy to do? Mostly, the answer would be “no”.

You might ask why. The answer is simple. Not all laminators can be used for foiling because of the variation of heat and speed of each laminator. While this is true that all laminators do foiling, most of the time it wouldn’t be smooth and have great textures. 

Ideally, you’d want a scanner that has great lamination speed. You also need to know about the laminator’s warm-up time and the maximum document size it can hold. But finding all of the information for different laminators in one place is difficult.

This is why in today’s article, we’ll be having a look at some of the best laminators for foiling. These laminators have the best specs and performance. The prices are varied from budget-friendly options to high-priced options. Let’s begin! 


1. Scotch Thermal Laminator 

scotch thermal

For the top pick, I had to go with the Scotch Thermal Laminator because it is priced decently while also providing tremendous value to its users. It’s also the best-selling laminator on Amazon! 

The Scotch Thermal Laminator is basic. It doesn’t have a lot of fancy features but what it does have is efficiency. It can perfectly laminate foils. It can laminate items that are up to 9 inches in width. It also has cold wrap storage. 

Not only is this laminator good for foiling, you can also use it for laminating photos and other documents. It has two roller systems with two different temperature settings. These settings ensure that you are laminating at the right temperature. 

The laminator takes about 5 to 8 minutes to heat up. Though this isn’t the fastest, it’s good enough. This laminator can also laminate in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses. You can figure out which thickness provides the most details and smoothness. 

However, the lack of NeverJam Technology means you might face clogging issues. But that shouldn’t distract from the features this laminator brings at such a low price. 


  • It can laminate items that are 9 inches in width. 
  • This laminator has cold wrap storage for a faster cooldown. 
  • Can be used for all sorts of media types besides foil. 
  • Comes with two roller systems with two different temperature settings. 
  • A decent heat-up time of 5-8 minutes. 
  • 3mm and 5mm lamination thickness available. 


  • Lacks NeverJam Technology. 


2. AmazonBasics Laminator 

amazon basics 12

If you want more features as well as simplicity, he AmazonBasics Laminator would be a good fit for you. This laminator offers good features at a great price.  

The AmazonBasics Laminator is perhaps my favorite laminator. It can laminate up to 11×17 inch sized documents. On top of this, it’s compatible with various types of papers. Some of them include letter, legal and business-card size papers 

The AmazonBasics Laminator also has 2 different heat settings that you can work with. You can pick either 3 mm or 5 mm versions depending on the thickness and size of the paper. The heat-up time is faster than the scotch laminator as it takes just 4 minutes to fully heat up.  

Cleaning up the laminator isn’t hard at all. Just release the jam lever and clean it up with any kind of cloth. This laminator has two versions, the 9 inches and 12 inches. We recommend going for the 12-inch  because more is always better. 

However, inserting papers in this laminator is a bit difficult as they tend to get folded inside the laminator. Be alert while laminating. Aside from that, there isn’t anything noticeable. It’s a good laminator.   


  • It can laminate up to 11×17 inch-sized documents. 
  • Compatible with various types of papers including letter, legal and business-card size papers. 
  • 3mm and 5mm heat settings available. 
  • Short heat-up time of 4 minutes. 
  • Easy clean-up process. 
  • Two versions are available.


  • Papers can fold inside the laminator if not inserted properly. 


3. Royal Sovereign Laminator 

rs laminator

If your budget is neither high nor low, then the Royal Sovereign Laminator should be a no-brainer. This laminator not only has a decent performance, but it looks stunning too! 

The best part about the laminator from Royal Sovereign is its efficiency. It can print up to 9 inches every minute without any delay. It features an advanced cooling system so it won’t get overheated no matter what the situation.

This laminator uses a two-roller mechanism. The result is always smooth compared to one roller laminator. The two rollers ensure wrinkling and bubbling prevention. The heat-up time isn’t high too as you can get it heated up within 3 minutes. 

This laminator can laminate pouches 3-5 mil thick. It’s very easy to clean because of the jam release lever. The settings are easy to set up too. Just turn on, set your settings, and laminate. It’s that easy! 

However, the jam release features aren’t the best and it might still end up clogging. If you don’t have any problem with such an issue, pick this laminator! 


  • It can print up to 9 inches every minute without any delay.
  • The advanced cooling system ensures the laminator does not heat up. 
  • The two roller mechanisms ensure a smooth finish. 
  • Low heat up time of just 3 minutes. 
  • It can laminate 3-5 mil thick pouches. 
  • The jam release level makes it easy to clean up clogging. 


  • The jam release features aren’t the best and it might still end up clogging. 


4. Nuova Laminator 


If you’re seeking a laminator that can laminate in both cold and thermal modes then you need to have a look at the Nuova Laminator. This laminator also has good features and a great price to back those features up. 

The Nuova Laminator can laminate up to 9 inch-wide documents. It’s also compatible with a variety of different types of paper sizes. These include letter, legal, and photo-size papers. It works with all 3 and 5 mil pouches just like other laminators. 

The great thing about this laminator is its ability to laminate in both hot and cold modes. The cold mode is especially helpful while laminating magnetic and sticky plastic films. The design of this laminator is compact and thus it’s ideal for both home and office use. 

The warm-up time of this laminator is quite fast at 3 minutes. You can also use the jam release lever to clear out any stuck items. The overall cleanup process is quite easy. 

However, you’ll find other laminators with the same features but at a lower price. Unless you have an established brand preference, go for this laminator. 


  • The Nuova Laminator can laminate up to 9 inch-wide documents. 
  • Compatible with a variety of different types of paper sizes including letter, legal, and photo size papers.  
  • The compact design of this laminator is ideal for both home and offices. 
  • Fast warm-up time of just 3 minutes. 
  • Easy cleaning up process with the jam lever release. 


  • Other laminators offer the same feature at lower prices. 


5. Fellowes Laminator 


If you don’t have budget issues, then take a look at the Fellowes laminator. This laminator currently has the best specs and features.

Wouldn’t it be great if the machine did all the work instead of you? This laminator does exactly that for you. It has an Autosense mechanism and this mechanism detects pouch thickness to self-adjust the lamination settings!  

This laminator can laminate up to 10inch pouches and in two modes (hot and cold). Instead of the 4 roller mechanism, this laminator has 6 rollers. The warm-up time is the fastest as it takes just a minute to heat up because of the rapid-fire technology. 

The lamination speed per minute is also the best at 47” per minute. This laminator also cuts your cost thanks to the auto-off feature. It’ll automatically turn off if not used for a while. 

Though the only thing to nitpick about this laminator is its unrealistic price, it’s indeed a futuristic laminator. If you can afford it then go for it, it’s a fascinating piece of technology. 


  • The Autosense mechanism detects pouch thickness to self-adjust the lamination settings. 
  • It can laminate up to 10inch pouches and in two modes (hot and cold). 
  • A high-performance 6-roller mechanism. 
  • Blazing fast 1 minute warm-up time. 
  • A superfast 47” per minute lamination speed. 
  • It auto turns off if not used for a while in order to save power. 


  • Very high price.


Wrapping Up 


Though many would think that foil lamination is an easy process, it’s not as easy as people take it to be. You’ll need the right machine and the right settings to ensure the textures appear correctly on your laminated surface. 

For this, I recommend going for the Scotch thermal laminator or AmazonBasics laminator if you’re looking to get the most value. But if you want the best specs then go for Fellowes Laminator.