The 6 Best Gouache Paints in 2021

Watercolors are indeed the “art of transparency,” but over the years, there has been a strong movement to gouache paints. Gouache (pronounced ‘gwosh’) has been a favorite with DIY enthusiasts and illustrators all over the world. An opaque watercolor, gouache only features transparent binders, such that the colors will dry without shifting. This is a common issue you might have experienced when using acrylics.

More so, Gouache is also easy to rework, because the paint film is not always permanent, until it is sealed. Plus, you will also find it easy to use Gouache with liquid friskets, and the same techniques you can use with transparent watercolors. Made using the finest pigments, and with high concentrations, you can be sure of yielding vibrant and brilliant colors.

This guide should help you make an informed decision when looking for the best gouache paint for your project.

#1 – MIYA Gouache Paint Set, 18 Colors x 30ml

MIYA Gouache Paint Set

Expressing your creative side when it comes to art and craft has never been this easy. Thus, this is why the MIYA Gouache Paint Set is an excellent way to transition from a novice to a fully-fledged painter. As one of the most dynamic arts, you will be pleased with the diverse range of colors available. These include black, violet, ochre, deep red, acid blue, and more.

Moreover, the high-quality pigment of the colors means that all colors are thick and creamy. The best parts colors wont shift or become muddy when in use. You can even dilute it with lots of water, and it won’t crack or crumble when the paint dries.

The paint set is also available with a unique jelly cup design and portable case. The upgraded jelly cups with the easy removable lid, ensure the pet is always wet and creamy. The paint tubes have undergone several drop tests to ensure the container is leak-proof, non-friable, and suitable for painting.

The Good

  • Available with several colors
  • High quality pigment does not shift or get muddy
  • Comes with a unique jelly cup design and portable case

The Bad 

  • The lid seals but with the pallet in the case in bends uncomfortably

#2 – HiMI Gouache Paint Set 18 Colors (30ml/Pc)

HIMI Gouache Paint Set

When you are stuck in a rut with your art projects, it would be great to try out new solutions. Thus, the HIMI Gouache Paint set is also perfect for your art projects. The color set is available in many colors, including deep red, violet, Prussian blue, acid blue, rose, and more. Each paint has an exceptional consistency, which will retain brush or spatula marks.

Thus, it will give your work a brilliant texture, perfect for different types of artwork.Thanks to the innovative design of the paint that features a unique jelly cup design, you will find this paint perfect for your artwork projects. It comes with an outstanding sealing lid, which does well to keep the color out and creamy for the best painting results.

More so, the 30ml jelly cup design is easy to carry and suitable for DIY projects. If you plan on using this color set with kids, you will be pleased to know that it’s odorless and non-toxic.

The Good

  • Available with several different colors
  • Has an upgraded jelly cup design with a unique lid
  • Non-toxic and odorless color set

The Bad 

  • It’s not entirely watertight and will leak

#3 – MyArtScape Gouache Paint Set – 12 x 12ml Tubes

Gouache Paint Set

What factors make up for the best artist in the modern world? Well, your ability a vast diversity of resources, including the Gouache Paint Set by MyArtScape. Featuring 12 x 12 ml tubes of non-toxic paint, this set is also perfect for expressing your creativity.

It features exceptional opaque watercolors, which are ideal for painting on surfaces such as paper, illustration boards, artboards, and even Masonite. The colors lay down vividly, and the highly pigmented colors will provide longevity.

Remember that the quality of the color finish is essential when you want to buy the best gouache paint. Thus the colors dry exceptionally fast to a matte finish, which makes them ideal for outdoor painting. You can activate the paint my rewetting, thereby making it easy to make the vital alterations to your art masterpieces.

The colors also meet ASTM D-4236 and EN71-3 (CE) standards, which means they are non-toxic and safe to use with kids.

The Good

  • Available in ample sized 12 x 12 ml tubes of non-toxic color
  • Highly pigmented colors that won’t fade
  • Easy to rewet to make vital alterations to artwork

The Bad

  • N/A

#4 – Reeves Gouache Paint 10ml Tubes, Set of 24

Reeves Gouache Paint 10ml Tubes

Strong, bold, and mixable. These are just some of the benefits you can expect when using the Reeves Gouache Paint 10ml tubes. These paint tubes will help you create a vibrant and opaque matte finish on your paint projects. Its also highly pigmented, and it will provide excellent coverage – perfect for working on arts and crafts projects.

The Reeves Gouache Paint set also makes it easy to apply paint on different types of surfaces, and without wasting any paint. You will also find it easy to clean, regardless of the way in which you have mixed the paints.

To make things easier for your needs, the paint is easy to use different surfaces, including paper and watercolor boards. The paint is easy to clean with water, and you won’t have to use any solvents for the cleaning process. The entire color set is available with many different colors, to make them flexible enough for working on particular projects.

The Good 

  • Strong, bold and mixable color
  • Creates a vibrant, opaque matt finish
  • Highly pigmented provides excellent coverage
  • Can be used on paper and watercolor boards

The Bad

  • Should be available in a much more durable paint case

#5 – Marie’s Extra Fine Gouache Paint Set 18x12ml

Marie's Extra Fine Gouache Opaque Watercolor Paint

Make your art and crafts project fun when you have the Marie’s Extra Fine Gouache Opaque Watercolor paint set. This best paint set is available with only transparent binders, such that colors can dry without shifting. You will also find it easy to rework the paint, because the film is not permanent until sealed.

The makers of this color set have also ensured it’s easy to use with liquid friskets, and the same techniques you use with transparent colors. Made with the finest pigments with high concertation levels, these colors can yield vibrant and brilliant colors each time. All colors are also lightfast, and they conform to ASTM D-4236 standards.

Being able to get a color set with the correct diversity of colors is also crucial. Thus, this is why this paint set is available in a set of 18 colors, that are in large 12ml tubes. The large range of colors in this set includes Vermillion, Ultramarine Blue, Yellow Ochre, Lemon Yellow, Titanium White, Mixing White, and more.

The Good

  • Easy to rework because the film is not permanent
  • Made with the finest pigments in high concertation
  • Available in many and different colors

The Bad 

  • Could use a better matte finish

#6 – OOKU 36 Professional Gouache Watercolor Kit

OOKU 36 Professional Gouache Watercolor Kit

As one of the most fully functional paint kits on the market, the OOKU 36 professional watercolor kit is also a way to get expressive with artwork. The color set is available with as many as 36 premium vibrant colors that are striking and vivid in appearance. Thus, these colors are an excellent addition to your painting supplies or art set.

Gouache colors should be easy to use for your projects. For this reason, the OOKU gouache kit is easy to use, with rich layers of durable colors that last and have outstanding transparency. The art kit is sleek, compact, and lightweight – perfect for your mobility needs when working on artwork.

The best part about owning this paint set is that its available with a host of unique accessories. These include one water paint pen brush, one nylon brush, one drawing pencil, one sponge, one pencil sharpener, and more.

Thanks to the sturdy metal box with an easy to open and close lid, you will find the cover easy to use a palette for your artwork.


  • Available in a set of 36 vibrant colors
  • Sleek, compact and lightweight
  • Available with several high-quality tools
  • Comes with a sturdy metal box for item storage

The Bad 

  • N/A


Expressing your creativity as an artist depends on the quality and diversity of resources you have available with you. More so, kids of all will also develop well if they are well exposed to positive ways to spend leisure time. Thus, this is why this best gouache paint guide might just be the ideal recommendation for your needs. When you have one of these paint sets, you will find it easy to work on your projects and produce the best results.

Gouache is a unique paint color sent, unlike acrylics or watercolors, that you will find on the market today. Get yourself a paint set and start expressing your inner creativity and ideas.