The 6 Best Drafting Tables For Artists In 2020

Over the years, drafting tables have steadily gained popularity. Especially in the studios and our homes study rooms, they are becoming the new popular piece of furniture.

These tables are very versatile in their rights and they are designed for various artistic works such as sketching, designing, and even reading and writing.

The following are the best drafting tables available in the market today. Our picks are based on the most comfortable, sturdy, durable, and easy to use.

Alvin Workmaster Drafting Table

Workmaster BLK Base

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This is a super performing table regardless of the job it is tasked to do. This piece is a piece of furniture with many praises to its name. It is versatile, resilient, and very attractive. It is also a durable ad when handled with care, it can serve you for generations. This piece is also very mobile and easy to move about because of its weight.

The Alvin Workmaster Drafting Table has a bass that is with heavy gauge steel tubing. Its smooth beautiful top is white melamine surrounded with a black bandage edge. This Workmaster Drafting Table angle adjusts from the front or from the rear.

This one needs to be assembled and set up in your studio before use. This includes drilling the mounting brackets on the underside of the tabletop. Beneath the tabletop is a 12” inch wide storage shelf. This shelf is positioned in a way that makes it easy to access and cannot get in the way at the same time.


  • It is adjustable.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is sturdy but movable.
  • Its top is smooth and resilient.
  • It is very attractive.
  • It is versatile.
  • It is durable.
  • It has a convenient shelf beneath.


  • It is very pricey.
  • Adjusting can be difficult for one person.
  • It is unassembled from the shop.
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Smith System Planner Graphic Arts Table

Graphic Arts Table

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This sturdy masterpiece can easily be adjusted to suit your preferred height and work needs. Its design gives the artist an option for sitting position at 30” high and 37” to turn it into a stool position.  The legs too are adjustable to preferred heights.

This Planner Graphic Arts Designer Table that slopes and adjusts from 0 to 45 degrees in a fixed position. It is constructed with a heavy-duty welded steel frame. This gives it maximum strength and stability. It is also built with sturdy materials to last. Its melamine work surface is something else to take note of altogether. It is fused to a 0.6” thick with a 62lb density board.

Its top is grey encircled with a black edge and a frame. It comes either with a one-piece or a split top. The split top model is the best as it has a flat surface on the right side. To its left, you will find a very interesting adjustable surface.


  • It is a very sturdy table.
  • It can easily be adjusted.
  • It gives optional sitting positions.
  • It has adjustable legs.
  • It enables an artist to work in a preferred angle.
  • It has maximum strength and stability.
  • It is durable.
  • It is very attractive.
  • It is portable.


  • It is too expensive.
  • It doesn’t have storage space.
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Studio Designs Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table

Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table, Top Adjustable Drafting

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This Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table has been designed with nostalgic touches. The design is an imitation of the drafting tables created way back in the gone centuries thus vintage. This design has a simple classy look and a rustic oak look. If you are a vintage lover and you are looking for something that brings back the past centuries, this is your drafting table.

Vintage Rustic Oak is made from quality wood that does not pause any issues over the years if well-tended to. It is sturdy that is to say; it is firm on the surface and does not shift around while in use. It is also long lasting and can serve both you and your generation to come after you.

This design is excellent for drawing, writing, sketching among many other artistic uses that might call for a comfortable surface to work on. Its tabletop measures 36” and it can be tilted at an angle of 0 to 90 degrees. This one is highly versatile, and it inspires tidiness and organization. It has an outfitted pencil groove. It also has a ledge that holds pencil and markers in place.

Vintage Rustic Oak has a spacious working area with an ultra-violet finish. It doesn’t require extra work to assemble its parts together. It is constructed from solid maple hardwood and it is purposed to last you a lifetime.


  • The vintage look is beautiful.
  • It is simple, classy and functional.
  • The wood is top quality.
  • It is sturdy.
  • It is durable and long lasting.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is easy to move around.
  • It has an adjustable top.
  • It is versatile.
  • It has a spacious working area.
  • It is easy to organize.


  • It does not have enough storage space.
  • It is a bit pricey for the simple design.
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Diversified Woodcrafts Drawing Table

Diversified Woodcrafts CDTC-72 UV Finish Solid Maple

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This piece has a solid, durable construction. This popular classic drafting table is one of the most versatile tables for artists. It comes with 10 different feature combinations and gives the artist a choice to pick the preferred style that suits them from the variety.

The variety includes three frame heights, beautifully designed with 6cm maple legs and aprons. The frames on this table are protected by a tough chemical and water-resistant finish that is both durable and environmentally friendly. This table also allows you to select your tabletop style between the classic one piece and multi-functional two pieces. The one-piece has a soft close feature and a pencil stop.

The two-piece top of this table has a larger adjustable side and a smaller flat fixed side. This is convenient for holding supplies and tools. The tops come in beautiful almond-colored plastic laminate. The storage space has plenty of room and it is easy to access. This piece is crafted in the USA and is CARB compliant with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • It is highly durable.
  • It is very versatile.
  • It has options for choosing.
  • It is beautiful and chemical resistant.
  • It is both water resistant.
  • It has storage compartments.
  • It is adjustable.
  • The material used is CARB compliant.
  • It has a lifetime warranty.


  • They are expensive.
  • It cannot be easily moved around.
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Hann Drafting Tables

Hann CAD-3042T-KBM CAD-Drafting

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This versatile masterpiece is handcrafted from American hardwoods in North America. This hardwood is very strong and durable. It features a full-frame construction with mortise and tenon joinery for the face frames. Both the end and interior components are made from veneercore panels. They are routed into the full-frame and each other for a long-lasting sturdy furniture.

The tops are fiberesin that gives the table a smooth, rock hard drawing surface. This drafting table is constructed to incorporate traditional crafting with CAD and graphic design at the same time. It has a keyboard tray and CPU placeholder. On its top is a monitor arm and a wire management system for power connection. This drafting table has six drawer cabinets.

Hann Drafting Table adjustable work surface is strongly supported by a sturdy ratcheting mechanism. This is made of solid hard marble. Its adjustable top drawing table has a storage unit and a pencil ledge. It also has an ample workstation great for drawing and drafting. This sturdy table with a sturdy finish has a tilting top. The spacious drawers can store a lot of supplies and tools. They are fitted with master keyed cylinder locks and weighs 270 lbs.


  • The drawers are spacious.
  • They are very versatile.
  • It has convenient storage units.
  • It has a wire management mechanism for power connection.
  • It is very sturdy and firm.
  • The work surface is spacious.
  • It can hold a monitor.
  • The drawing table is adjustable.


  • They are expensive.
  • The full-body cannot be adjusted.
  • It is heavy to move.
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Martin Universal Design X-Factor Drawing & Hobby Table

Martin X-Factor Drawing and Hobby Table

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This beautiful X-shaped table is versatile. The clear tempered glass top tilts horizontally to 70 degrees for ample drawing and drafting. It has an adjustable pencil ledge that is convenient to keep small supplies and tools.

The X-shaped legs are highly stable, and the design helps to maximize legroom. They are constructed from sturdy and rigid steel and to avoid ugly chippings, they are coated with a white enamel that gives it a beautiful finish.

This drafting table is designed to stand firm even on uneven floors. The legs have levers that give it stability and makes it comfortable to use. Its overall measurements are 30”W X 42”L X 41”H. Compared to other good quality designs, Martin Universal Design X-Factor Drawing & Hobby Table is relatively affordable.


  • It is very versatile.
  • Its top tilts to different angles.
  • It has a pencil ledge for storage.
  • It is highly stable and firm.
  • The legroom is spacious.
  • It is rigid and sturdy.
  • It does not chip.
  • It has a smooth beautiful finish.
  • It is firm on uneven ground.
  • It is affordable.


  • It does not have enough storage room.

In Conclusion

The main features you should have in mind when shopping for the best drafting table in the market are easier said than seen. If you want something long-lasting, comfortable and functional here is what you should consider:

  • Quality
  • Height
  • Size
  • Convenience
  • Ease of use.

A good table should also be sturdy and firm. Flexibility is also another great added advantage but the one that needs assembling can pause confusion and consume time.