The Best Charcoal Pencils in 2020

Whether you are a professional or novice artist, or whether you are a drawing enthusiast or you simply need an excellent way to come up with artwork, it’s always good to have the correct tools. There are various types of artwork resources on the consumer market today. In this guide, we will be looking at some of the best charcoal pencils for you to consider.

Just as the name suggests, charcoal pencils are made using charcoal material, which you can use to produce high quality artwork. Usually, these pencils are available as part of an entire set with other components as well. You may find elements such as erasers, bags, different sized pens, and more.

The following guide should put you in a better position to choose suitable charcoal pencils for your needs. Let’s get started:

Magicfly Art Kit and Supplies Charcoal Drawing Set (Best Overall)

MagicFly Charcoal Kit 41 Pcs

You are one step away from owning a fully functional drawing kit. Why? Well, the Magicfly Charcoal drawing set is the perfect solution for your needs. This comprehensive set (41 pieces) is available with many components, including a pencil, knife, charcoal sticks, paper bank, and an eraser. Furthermore, it is also safe and non-toxic to use, thus making it ideal for the whole family.

The Drawing set is also available with a portable kit bag, which is ideal for use at home, or when you are traveling. As one of the most diverse charcoal pencil sets in the world, this unit is suitable for many applications. You can use it as a novice or even for professional artwork production purposes.

The Good

  • Safe and non-toxic is ideal for family use
  • Available with several accessories
  • Comes with portable zipper case
  • Suitable for various purposes

The Bad

  • N/A

Dowswin 29 Pieces Pen Charcoal Sketch Set (Editor’s Choice)

Dowswin 29 Pieces Pen Charcoal Sketch Set

With the Dowswin 29-piece Pen Charcoal Sketch set, you have a dynamic and reliable tool for your needs. This unit comes with 18 pencils, which are packed in a convenient bag to make storage and transportation easy. The kit even has a unique roll-up design, with individual slots to make storage convenient.

It’s the perfect charcoal pencil set to get you inspired to start drawing like a pro, or to perhaps make a good impression on your clients.

Using a pencil is indeed a great way to showcase your skill when it comes to artwork. Thus, the makers of this pencil set have done well to include everything you may need. These include everything you need to sketch, highlight, erase, and even sharpen your pencils. Using many pencils will improve the layers of painting, thus enhancing the quality of your images.

The Good

  • Durable canvas roll available with 18 pieces
  • Stylish and lightweight charcoal bags
  • Available with several accessories for drawing
  • Well-made pencils can produce different shades

The Bad 

  • The pencils break easy when sharp

Royal & Langnickel RSET-ART2503 Small Tin Charcoal Set (Runner Up)

Royal & Langnickel RSET-ART2503 Small Tin Charcoal Drawing Art Set

The Royal and Langnickel RSET-ART2503 drawing art set is also an excellent recommendation for your needs. This drawing set is ideal for any level artist, including beginners and professionals. On top of that, the drawing art set comes with a compact art tin, with high quality drawing tools to make your projects convenient.

The critical components in this drawing set are the three charcoal pencils, which you can use to come up with highly creative artwork. It’s the perfect storage container, you can use to keep your tools organized at home, school, and work.

The Good

  • Three charcoal pencils and sticks
  • Durable bag construction for easy tool storage
  • Also available with a tin for enhanced organization
  • Easy to use and durable pencils

The Bad

  • N/A

Derwent Tinted Charcoal Pencils (24 pcs)

Derwent Tinted Charcoal Pencils

Experience what it takes to produce high quality art when you have the Derwent Tinted Charcoal Pencil Set. This unit makes up for the perfect way for you to get the traditional effect or charcoal and with more control and less mess. More so, this set only features charcoal particles that are mixed with the finest clays, and wood encased for optimal safety.

With as many as 24 pencils available in this set, you have several options available for producing quality artwork. The pencils will also deliver excellent shades, and high quality artwork results.

The pencils on the Derwent Tinted Charcoal set will help you extend your creative possibilities. The cedar barrels also come with soft charcoal of the highest quality for scratch-free marks. Each pencil has a round 8mm barrel, and a wide 4mm core to make them ideal for your unique drawing needs.

The Good

  • Charcoal particles mixed with the finest clays
  • Cedar barrels with flexible charcoal
  • Tinted pencils will improve your creativity
  • Set of 24 colors that smudge and bled for deep rich tones

The Bad

  • Keeping all colors organized is not easy
  • Could use better storage bag kit

What to Look for in a Charcoal Pencil

  • Pencil quality – you want a high-quality pencil which you can use to produce excellent pictures and artwork
  • Tools available in the set – the charcoal pencil set should also be available with several tools to improve your performance
  • Safety – a good charcoal pencil set is also safe to use around kids, and should not contain any toxic substances
  • Pencil sizes – you want a dynamic pencil set, which has several pencil sizes available, especially if you’re going to work as a pro


When it comes to making artwork of any kind, you will know that producing the best results depends on the quality of your regimen. With the best charcoal pencils, you can easily produce high quality drawings and shades. These pencils are part of a larger kit, and you should also check the other components available in the set.

Unlike the conventional pencil, charcoal made types are suitable for specific artwork purposes, especially if you are professional. That said, any savvy artist will benefit from owning one of these kits as part of their resources.