The 6 Best Brushes For Gouache In 2021

If you dabble in watercolor, but also happened to appreciate the aesthetics of acrylic paint, don’t settle for either. Instead, go for the best paint brushes for gouache. With such high-quality brushes, you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. Remember that making the most of gouache depends on various factors, such as your skill level, the brushes, and the amount of water you plan on using.

Whether you are modeling ships, miniatures, army figures, detailing, painting, or Warhammer 40k, you need the right brushes. Before you dive in and paint an entire gouache portrait, ensure you have the correct tools.

The guide below should help you get started.

#1 – U.S. Art Supply 15 Piece Set

U.S. Art Supply 15 Piece Artist Long Handle Synthetic Paint Brush Set

The U.S Art Supply 15-piece artist brush set is not only perfect for gouache, but various other activities. These include watercolors, acrylic, Plein air, and even face painting. Even more, the brush set is durable, and it features anti-shedding hairs that are made using soft material.

To be specific, the brushes are made using soft nylon material, which makes it easy to apply paint on different surfaces. While the brushes are soft, they will maintain their shape after every use.

You will also be pleased that the entire set is available with different types of brushes. These include the fan, fiber, bright, angle, round, and rigger brushes. Also, the great nylon zippered protective case comes with a convenient “pop up stand,” to make it ideal for moving around with art brushes. Thanks to the durable bristles that are available with this art set, you have paint brushes that ensure optimal longevity.

The Good

  • Suitable for use in different types of painting activities
  • Comes with durable and anti-shedding hairs made using soft material
  • Available with 15 assorted brush types
  • Has a unique nylon zippered protective case with a pop up stand

The Bad

  • Could be available with a better storage bag

#2 – Detail Paint Brush Set of 12

Detail Paint Brush Set - 12 Miniature Brushes 

You will enjoy gouache when you have the right resources. Thus, this is why you will enjoy painting when you have the Detail Paint Brush set. It’s an art set that features the finest tipped miniature brushes, such that you can focus on relaxing and being creative.

Furthermore, when choosing a paint brush set, always remember to check the diversity of brushes that it has available. Thus, this paint set is available with different brushes, including liners, flats, and rounds. The brush also has precise points that will maintain a super fine point – perfect for producing the details in artwork.

Choosing a paint brush set has durable components is also a crucial factor to consider. Thus, the paint set also has anti-shedding properties, to ensure that you enjoy frustration-free painting each time. The paintbrush rivals natural hair, but it’s also easy to clean. To make things better, the paintbrushes are durable and easy to clean, making them perfect for regular use.

The Good

  • High-quality brushes with precision points
  • The brush has anti-shedding properties
  • The quality brushes are easy to clean

The Bad 

  • Slips if you have sweaty hands

#3 – Filbert Paint Brushes Set of 9

Filbert Paint Brushes Set

Realize what you have been missing in your gouache paint set when you finally have the Filbert Paint Brushes set in your hands. It’s a flexible paint set that is available with as many as 9pcs of different sized paintbrushes. Whether you are a student, a beginner, a kid, or an enthusiast, this paint set is ideal for your needs.

Remember that the ideal paint brush should be easy to clean, after you complete your projects. The brushes are simple to clean with warm water, even if it’s immediately after use. Made using secure chrome-plated brass ferrules, you have a sturdy brush set in your hands each time. You will be painting with brushes that won’t wiggle or fall apart when in use.

The brushes are very comfortable to touch and hold, and they won’t hurt your hands, regardless of the size of your art projects. Why? They are made using a smooth and woody body to create unique, unlike most brushes you have come across.

The Good

  • Has secure chrome-plated brass ferrules
  • Easy to clean with warm water after use
  • Available with 9pc of different sized brushes
  • Has a smooth chic and woody body

The Bad

  • The brushes stain easily

#4 – MyArtscape Pocket Paint Brush Set 

Pocket Paint Brush Set

Fun is when you have the freedom to express your creativity in artwork. Enjoy this freedom when you have the MyArtscape Pocket Paint Brush set. The brush set features compact brushes, that five short handles, so you will find it easy to take the brushes everywhere. Thus, you have durable brushes that are ideal for use in plein or even outdoor painting applications.

As you would expect with all the best paint set brushes on the market today, this particular set is available with unique components. These include a durable case made using material that is easy to wipe. The paint set is also convenient to transform into a brush stand, for easy brush access benefits.

To make things better, the paintbrushes hold and deliver more paint than most brushes you may find. Therefore, you will find it easy to make longer strokes evenly. As such, you can expect less time dipping into the paint and more time painting – regardless of the medium.

The Good

  • Compact paint set with brushes that 5-inch short handles
  • Comes with a durable carry case for convenient carrying
  • Made using easy-wipe material and has a brush stand

The Bad 

  • N/A

#5 – WA Portman Artist Paint Brush Set 

WA Portman Artist Paint Brush Set

You can make your artwork stand out from the rest of the competition when you have the right resources. Here, we recommend the WA Portman Art set, that is one of the most reliable paint sets for your needs. Its an art set which features professional brushes that have a functional and highly attractive case for ease of storage. Even more, the art set comes with convenient features such as the pop stand, such that each brush is easy to reach, each time.

With such a diverse set of features, it’s easy to see why this paint set is ideal for Plein air painters, travel artists, and painters who like their work to be organized at all times. The entire set also features 15 nylon hair brushes, of different shapes and sizes, such that you have the freedom to try different patterns.

For added convenience, the paintbrushes have sleek lacquer coated handles, which are comfortable in the hands. The brushes are easy to clean and reshape – perfect for repeated or long term use.

The Good

  • Comes with a pop up case for ease of storage
  • 15 nylon hair brushes of varying shapes
  • Easy to clean and reshape brushes

The Bad

  • The pop-up case is not as durable as it should be

#6 – Eval 6pc Set Professional Weasel Hair Brushes

Eval 6Pcs/Set Professional Weasel

Versatile and easy to use, the Eval 6pc set artist brush set makes it easy to paint your unique projects like a pro. The paint set features real art brushes, which are durable and easy to clean. The round set comes with different brushes including #1, #3, #5, #7, #9, #11. It’s a good range of brush strokes; you can use it to produce high-quality artwork. With such a large diversity of brushes, its easy to see why you will produce outstanding art and craft finishes.

The brushes are also made using high-quality material to ensure quality paint results. These include superior brushes, that comprise a mixture of natural weasel hair, that offers excellent liquid capacity. Thus, the brushes provide the ideal strokes as you paint your masterpiece without any stray hairs.

On top of that, the brushes are available with a long handle and aluminum ferrule for ease of handling. Made using durable bristles, these brushes are perfect for working on long term gouache painting projects. Its easy-to-use experiment with various types of art mediums, including acrylic, oil, and watercolor.

The Good

  • Comes with brushes of different sizes for flexibility
  • Durable and will not fall apart when in use
  • High-quality brush set made using birch wood

The Bad

  • N/A


Artists need to use the right resources to ensure the best results, especially if you are a professional, or when working on a school project. Thus, this is why this guide was all about identifying the best brushes for gouache. When you have any of these paint brushes such as the MyArtscape Pocket Paint Brush Set, painting becomes a fun experience. For this reason, make no improvisation when you want your work to stand out from the rest – go for the best! Get a high-quality paintbrush set and instantly make a good impression with the results of your work.