The 5 Best Body Paints In 2020 (Professional, Hobby and Kids)

When it comes to body paints, the human body is the main surface to work on. These paints are temporary and are great for events and performances. The art of body painting has steadily crept its way into the runway. From time to time, we get to see exquisite models strutting the runway during fashion shows with their faces painted in rainbow colors.

As we all know that the human skin is a very delicate organ, you need to be able to pick body paints which are right and easy on the skin. Go for something non-toxic and hypoallergenic. If you are wearing body paint under the full glare of the sun, you would want to go for something with UV protection.

Here are our top picks that are safest for most skin types.

# 1 – Graftobian ProPaint Face and Body Paints (Best Overall)

Graftobian ProPaint Face and Body Paint Kit

This blendable body paint can transform you into a colorful cosplay superhero in a jiffy. It is bright, durable, and designed to coat larger areas of the skin. With this body paint, you will use a very small amount to get a bold, vibrant coverage.

Graftobian ProPaint feels comfortable on the skin just the way your regular makeup would. It dries into a smooth brilliant finish without smudging all over in a gooey mess. You will love the fact that it neither feels heavy nor greasy, it just sits on the skin all day long without cracking or peeling off.

Before applying on the skin, all you need to do is to activate this ProPaint with a little amount of water. Moisten your brush or sponge and wipe it on the compact border to turn it into a cream. The outcome cream should be rich and spreadable but the thickness you choose to apply on your skin does not hinder its ability to wash off the skin with regular soap and water.

Made in the United States, this body paint is fragrance-free and requires a moisturizer as the base coat for the skin before application. Some of the shades from this paint can temporarily stain the skin and a thin moisturizer before can help to offset the stains.


  •         It is fragrance-free.
  •         It is smudge-free.
  •         It is easy to apply.
  •         It is long-lasting.
  •         It does not crack on the skin.
  •         It needs a small amount for large coverage.
  •         The pigmentation is bold.


  •         It rubs off on other surfaces.
  •         It is expensive.
  •         It leaves stains on the skin.

#2 – Snazaroo Face Paint (Best for Kids and Parties)

Snazaroo Face Paint Kit

This popular body paint is both hypoallergenic and non-toxic because it is formulated using the safest FDA tested ingredients. These and the fact that it comes in bold colors makes it ideal for children of all ages. If you are a person who does not fancy notorious scents, Snazaroo Face Paint is the best pick for you because it is fragrance-free.

This water-based paint is vivid and with fast-drying properties. Being a water-based paint makes it easy to wash off the skin with regular soap and water. If your water is warm and enough, there is no point to scrub your skin red as the paint will peel off easily from the skin by itself.

Snazaroo Face Paint has been dermatologically approved by both professors and toxicologists. This makes it friendly even to the most sensitive skin. Another great characteristic of this face paint is, it does not emit any harmful fumes during the application process.


  •         It is an affordable paint.
  •         It is hypoallergenic.
  •         It is non-toxic and FDA compliant.
  •         It is dermatologically approved.
  •         It is fragrance-free.
  •         It is easy to wash off the skin.
  •         It is fast drying.
  •         It is kid-friendly.


  •         The pigmentation is not concentrated.
  •         It does not last long on the skin.
  •         It easily cracks on the skin.

#3 – Fashion Angels Insta Costumes (Best for Halloween)

Fashion Angels Insta Costumes

This body paint helps you to transform into anything you want in an instant. It is great for Halloween parties and you can transform into a complete unicorn without having to worry about costumes. This complete kit is also great for festivals and other delightful occasions that require you to look like an alien.

Fashion Angel Insta Costumes come in rainbow hair color. It also has adhesive gems and stars and if you like, you can completely transform with the glitter rainbow headband horn. This kit is completely fun and transforming. It contains all you need and an instructions manual.


  •         It comes with an instruction manual.
  •         It has a variety of unicorn accessories.
  •         It has adhesive gems.
  •         It has 6 rainbow colors in the kit.
  •         The colors are vibrant and fun.


  •         It is expensive.
  •         Not easy to use without instructions.

# 4 – Jacquard Glitter Body Art

Jacquard Glitter Body Art Kit

This sparkling decoration body paint is designed to give a shimmering twist to your body art. It offers endless design options for fun which are non-permanent but worth the salt. The designs however can last you for days and if you wish to remove them, baby oil or jelly can do the work perfectly well for you.

Jacquard Glitter Body Art comes with self-adhesive stencils. Optionally, you can use the fine tip applicator bottle for custom designs. This means that you will have to draw your art freehand and you will need to be good at it to come up with a masterpiece for your skin.

By just letting the adhesive dry a little then dabbing on the glitter, you get your perfect art for your perfect skin. Alternatively, you can use a brayer and a rubber stamp. This glitter body art is great for parties, festivals, and other fun-filled occasions. Each kit comes with enough supplies for various designs.

Some of the supplies found inside Jacquard Glitter Body Art include; Jars of glitter, a bottle of adhesives, self-adhesive stencils, applicator tip, cotton swaps, and instructions guides with designs ideas. This body decoration paint is ideal for persons of 12years and above.


  •         It offers endless design options.
  •         It is non-permanent.
  •         The designs can last for days.
  •         It comes with self-adhesive stencils.
  •         It allows freehand design options.


  •         It is expensive.
  •         It takes time to dry.

#5 – Bic BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Markers (Best for Temporary Tattoo Art)

Bic BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Markers

This temporary tattoo marker allows you to create temporary tattoos with your body as a canvas. You will have options of colors to choose from to design your tattoos. These colors are long-lasting, and they dry as quickly as they are applied to the skin.

Bic BodyMark Markers are excellent for various design patterns and illustrations. Their flexible tips make perfect thin or broad lines on the skin. It should be applied on clean dry skin and it can be washed off with regular soap and water. However, it needs several washings before it can come off completely. It can stay on the skin for up to three days.

This tattoo marker which is recommended for 13 years and above has not been tested on sensitive skin. It should be used carefully on the skin while avoiding eyes and lip areas should be avoided. You should also be careful not to bring this product near fabrics and any other material.

Despite all the dos and don’ts that come with this tattoo marker, it is still perfect for parties, festivals, and sporting events. This cosmetic quality marker is fragrance and odor-free and it is safe on normal skin.


  •         It has assorted colors.
  •         The colors are long-lasting.
  •         The colors dry as quickly.
  •         It can be washed off with regular soap and water.
  •         It is fragrance and odor-free.
  •         It doesn’t cause irritations.
  •         It is hard to come off.
  •         It can work as eyebrow makeup.
  •         It is affordable.


  •         It requires several washings to remove.
  •         It is not tested on sensitive skin.
  •         It can be harmful to broken and irritated skin.
  •         It is not good with fabrics and other materials.

How to choose the best body paint

You must know the body paint brands that are available in the market before you purchase anything. You do not want to grab something from the shelves just because it is cheap and fancy but will bring great damage to your flawless skin. The skin is the largest human organ that is most sensitive and vulnerable.

The body paints we have listed for you as the best are safe for your skin, fun to use, affordable and they can easily be removed. We have listed these brands as the best because they have these characteristics;

1.      They are water-based

Water-based body paints are easy to apply and remove from the skin. All you need to do is to wash them off with soap and water.

2.      They are dermatologically approved

You do not want to plaster a concoction which you do not know how it was formulated on your flawless skin. Always pick a product that has been approved by dermatologists and toxicologists.

3.      They are non-toxic

Body paints which are both non-toxic and non-allergic, and are compliant with FDA regulations. This means that they are safe to apply on your skin without any adverse reactions during or after application.