The Best Body Paint for Cosplay in 2020

Whether you are playing the role of Harley Quinn or any of the several Overwatch Characters, the best body paint for cosplay can make your characters come to life.

But here is the main thing to consider – poor quality paint will not only destroy your costume; it may even affect your skin. Thus, when choosing paint, ensure that you go for legitimate brands, which are trusted by consumers.

Today, we have identified some of the top cosplay products and a useful guide to help you get started. The products we have on this list have excellent pigment concentration, can resist peeling and cracking. Furthermore, these are products that will look great, even after several hours of application.

Mehron Makeup Fantasy F/X Water Based Face & Body Paint

Mehron Makeup Fantasy FX

Never has Cosplay been this fun. Why? Well, the Mehron Makeup Fantasy Paint is the perfect way to stand out from the rest of the crowd. It’s a water-based and highly pigmented soft cream make up paint. Each colour is available in a convenient 1 oz tube, which is easy to squeeze. Thus, the Mehron make up paint makes up for the perfect solution for various paint applications, including Cosplay.

It won`t stick on your clothes, and you can easily wash it off with some detergent. The paint also sticks well on the skin, and can last for several hours. It has an appealing glow, and wont look like stickers or poorly done paints.

The Good

  • Water-based and highly pigmented soft cream make up
  • Easy on the skin and does not cause rashes
  • Suitable for different skin types
  • Safe for use even under UV rays

The Bad

  • None that we could find!

Neon Nights 8 x UV Body Paint Black Bodypaint Face Paints

neon nights 8 x UV Body Paint Black Light Make-Up

Enjoy the best of Cosplay when you have the Neon Nights 8 UV Body Paint. To be specific, this painting set is handcrafted and suitable for various painting applications. You can use it under black or ultraviolet light, and you will be pleased with a unique neon glow. This, with the neon nights 8 UV paint, you will become the life of the party, and instantly stand out from the crowd.

The paint is also easily removable, and you don’t have to worry about it spilling to your clothes. You can remove it from your fabrics by using some soap and water.

The Good

  • Handcrafted neon bodypaint suitable for many skin types
  • Vibrant colours come to life in Ultra Violet light
  • Easy to remove and clean up
  • Each pack contains a rainbow selection of colours

The Bad

  • Paint takes some time to dry
  • The tubes are not well labelled

Midnight Glo UV Body Paint

Midnight Glo UV Body Paint

Discover the excellence of the Midnight Glo UV Body Paint, which is available in as many as eight vibrant colors. These include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white. Each colour is available in a 75 oz bottle, which you can use for your needs.

More so, the is body paint is safe for all skin type, thus making it safe for use at all times. It also washes off easily, and you won’t have to hold your breath due to the nasty fumes. The body paint does not contain toxic or harmful chemicals which can affect your body.

Suitable for both day and night, this best body paint makes up for an excellent way for you to enjoy cosplay.

The Good

  • Available with several colours
  • Each bottle is an exceptional 75 oz
  • Nontoxic and safe for different skin types

The Bad 

  • Could be available with an applicator brush

ArtiParty – Professional Face Paint Kit for Kids – Non-Toxic & Hypoallergenic

Professional Face Paint Kit for Kids

The Professional Face Paint Kit For Kids is also an excellent solution if you want to enjoy cosplay. This body paint kit features an FDA compliant and paraben-free formula, which won’t cause rashes and skin allergies. Even more, the face paint will leave you with a natural appearance, that does not feel like cheap stickers placed on your face.

With such a unique combination of chemicals can easily apply this body paint to most skin types. Application is also easy because you have to dip the brush in some water and blend the colour with a brush. More so, the paint is also easy to remove, by using some soap and water.

The Good

  • Water-based body paint is good for the skin
  • Available with 16 appealing paints and three brushes
  • Non-toxic, FDA compliant and paraben-free formula
  • Is to apply and remove using water

The Bad

  • N/A

How to Select the Best Cosplay Paint

  • Paint ingredients – you want to go for paint ingredients that are easy on the skin, and won’t lead to issues such as allergic reactions on the skin
  • Colour availability – the availability of several colours means that you have access to many colours, you can use to try out different cosplay characters
  • Ease of use – the paint should be easy to apply, with most paints being water-based paints. These are the best and are simple to use.
  • Applicator accessories – also, ensure the paint is available with accessories such as a brush or sponge for convenient paint application
  • Size of the tube or bottle – the paints are usually available in tubes, which average at 50 oz. Check the size of the tubes before getting the paint


Applying paint on your body or costume is the central theme of cosplay. You have to do it right if you want to stand out from the crowd, and become the life of the part. Thus, we recommend the best body paint for cosplay as the best place for you to start. These paints are not only safe on the skin but also suitable for coming up with many different original characters.

Furthermore, these paints are also simple to apply, and most come with applicator brushes or sponges for your convenience. Enjoy the next season of cosplay by getting the best body paint for your needs.