The 6 Best Acrylic Paints In 2021

Shopping for the best acrylic paint in a world filled with brands advertising themselves as loudly as they can be a very complex, confusing, and taxing task. To save you the overwhelming process of comparing all the available brands and options in the market, we have put together a list of the best for you.

#1 Liquitex Basic Acrylic Colors and Sets

Liquitex Basic Acrylic’s best attribute is the fact that it comes with an extensive range of colors. These colors uniquely project brilliance and clarity of each pigment. Contained in easy squeeze tubes, this acrylic paint was specifically formulated for students and artists who are mindful of the price tag and quality at the same time.

The buttery consistency of this paint on the surface makes it easy to blend. Its pigments are lightfast, and they have medium viscosity that dries to a satin finish. This attribute helps to eliminate the surface glare when the painting application is complete.

Liquitex Basic Acrylic Colors can be used for a wide range of techniques including but not limited to; watercolor, airbrush, and printmaking. This acrylic paint also works well with sketching, underpainting, color theory, and mixed media.

When combined with Basics Acrylics, it gives a range of attractive effects. This paint also becomes permanent, water-resistant, and flexible as soon as it completely dries on the surface.


  •         It is lightfast.
  •         It has an extensive range of colors.
  •         It is contained in an easy squeeze tube.
  •         The quality is dependable.
  •         It is sold at an economical price.
  •         It has a buttery consistency for easy blending.
  •         It has no surface glare after it completely dries.
  •         It works with a range of techniques.
  •         It gives a variety of effects when combined.


  •         Its fluorescent and metallic paints are less lightfast.

#2 Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Acrylics Sets

Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Acrylics and Sets

This professional acrylic paint promises a smooth, thick, buttery consistency on your surface. It is excellent for traditional art techniques. The ones that require brushes and painting knives. It is also ideal for mixed media, collage, and printmaking applications.

Liquitex Professional is a highly pigmented acrylic paint. It is rich in brilliant, permanent color. When this paint is worked on a good surface, it provides excellent handling and blending attributes.

This acrylic paint has seven cadmium-free colors. Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Acrylics Sets are both vibrant and lightfast. It is as genuine as cadmium, but it has no known dangers. Liquitex professional was developed in a lab for three good years where it underwent rigorous screening and trials. This acrylic paint has been certified as non-toxic.


  •         They are smooth and thick.
  •         It leaves a buttery consistency on the surface.
  •         Its colors are rich and permanent.
  •         It is AP certified as non-toxic.
  •         It blends well.
  •         It has 7 free cadmium colors.
  •         It is vibrant and lightfast.


  •         It is expensive.

#3 M. Graham Artists’ Acrylics

Graham is a company known for its high-end paint production. It is based in the United States and its commitment to meeting the needs of any artist whose main material is paint. This paint line is manufactured only in small batches of each color using a three-roller miller process.

Artist Graham uses only pure, high solid resins to create this fine paint. It has no fillers, retarders, opacifiers, or any other bulking agents. The pigments in this acrylic paint are highly concentrated and consistent. It also has good working properties that give each color an outstanding tinting strength and mass tone.

Graham Artists’ Acrylic comes in 5 color sets in a 2 oz tube. But there is a 6th bonus color to it that is just as great. These grade colors perform just great and professional. They are lightfast and permanent and when correctly mixed; they give forth primary colors.


  •         It has highly pigmented colors.
  •         It is lightfast and permanent.
  •         It is professional.
  •         It is of high quality.
  •         It has no fillers and adulterants.
  •         It is highly consistent.
  •         It has a tinting strength.
  •         It has no bulking agents.


  •         It is hard to produce other colors from blending.
  •         It paints a little stiff.
  •         Not much gloss.

#4 – Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylics and Sets

Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylics and Sets

This high-quality professional acrylic paint is a bridge between students’ and professional’ paint. It is, therefore, ideal for students, hobbyists, and grand scale artists. It delivers quality professional results for a good price to safeguard its 200 years of excellence.

This high-performance acrylic paint comes in versatile colors that offer a whole range of benefits. They mix cleanly, their brilliance is simply excellent with a strong brush stroke retention. These paints can be worked on straight from the tube.

Its smooth, free-flowing characteristic makes this paint very easy to use. It also makes mixing of colors easier, especially for beginners. This acrylic paint can be diluted with a variety of techniques like stenciling, collage, and sponging.

Galeria Acrylics and Sets is an excellent adhesion for various surfaces like canvas, fabrics, and leather. It is also perfect for outdoor sculptures and murals because the colors are weather resistant especially when completely dry. Its covering power is way excellent as compared to other acrylic paint brands.


  •         It is a high-quality paint.
  •         Its colors are versatile.
  •         The colors are highly durable.
  •         It has 57 selection of colors.
  •         Its pricing is good.
  •         It is highly pigmented.
  •         It gives a satin finish.
  •         It has a wide spectrum.


  •         The size option is inconsistent.
  •         Its availability is a bit of a challenge.
  •         It is a bit more expensive.

#5 – Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Paint

Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Introductory Set

This original formula by Golden is very smooth and thick as compared to other brands. This original line has become a household name by all manner of artists; from professionals to amateurs. Its intense pigment saturation makes it even more outstanding and highly demanded.

Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Paint is a great impasto. It also has excellent heavy paint techniques. They are in so many colors up to 90 standard colors. Some of the colors, however, are not lightfast. Those ones are not good for archival-quality painting.


  •         It has vibrant colors.
  •         It is very popular among all artists.
  •         It is highly pigmented.
  •         It is a high-quality paint.
  •         It is affordable.
  •         It has up to 90 standard colors.


  • Some of the colors are not lightfast.

#6 – Atelier Interactive By Chroma

Chroma Atelier Interactive

This one enables the artist to be in charge of the drying process. Unlike the other acrylic paints that dries as soon as they are out of the tube, this one depends on moistening. This gives the artisan ample time to work and moist the paint constantly.

It should be noted, however, that this paint begins drying out if it is not moistened. Just like how the other acrylic paints behave as soon as they are out of the tube. It has 75 colors to work with. Atelier Interactive By Chroma can be found either in squeeze tubes or jars.


  •       The colors are smooth.
  •         The colors are buttery.
  •         It is brilliant with a rich texture.
  •         It is highly durable and long-lasting.
  •         It gives a velvety finish.
  •         The colors are of great quality.
  •         It spreads consistently on a surface.
  •         They are lightfast.
  •         They are heavily pigmented.


  • The colors are different from the picture chart.
  • It needs constant moistening.
  • It is hard to squeeze the paint out of the tube.
  • Container lids are tight!

In Conclusion

Some very important things you will need to consider while purchasing acrylic paints for your art include the quality and ability of the paint. If you are a professional artist, you will have to go for a more superior range of products which are highly capable of handling large projects.

The permeance and lightfastness of the paint are important as well. There is also viscosity, hue, pigmentation, and color range. All these will solely depend on you because it is only you who knows the kind of art you want to produce.