Artwork Submissions – Get Featured on Triangulation!

Are you an aspiring artist that wants to get more exposure for your artwork?  Would you like to reach an audience of hundreds of thousands of consumers, art enthusiasts and fellow professionals?

Triangulation is here for you!

At Triangulation, one of our core objectives is to disseminate the work of brilliant artists, like you.  This job is much easier if you send us your work directly!

Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out the following form, please include as much information as possible and attach any files and include any links to artwork you’d like us to look at.
    • For biographies and other descriptive content, please don’t copy and paste from other sources.  We like to keep things unique, so please take some time and write it out especially for us.
  • Our editors will review the submission.  While we don’t reject many submissions, we reserve the right to.
    • To help insure acceptance, please provide as much unique descriptive text and plenty of artwork examples for us to review.
  • If we accept the submission, we’ll set you up with an artist profile page.
  • We don’t charge artists anything to get included on Triangulation.  As such, please be patient while we get to work.

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