Robert Strati – Artwork and Bio of the American Artist


Robert Strati is an American artist born in 1970 in Boston, Massachusetts. However, he lived his childhood days in Columbus, Ohio, and studied there. Strati attended the Ohio State University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History. Ever since, Robert has devoted himself to art and its intersection with other aspects, such as architecture, technology, and nature.

In 1995, Strati held his first solo exhibition at Morpohs Gallery in San Francisco, California. Presently, his resume contains successful shows in Japan, Germany, Switzerland, and several cities in America. Strati’s works have appeared in prestigious museums, galleries, and art fairs at home and abroad.

Rober Strati’s geometrical artworks initially look like blueprints and mechanical plans for machines and gadgets, but close inspection reveals the combination of playful experimentation that the artist intends. Strati expertly uses arcs, circles, elliptical lines, and other geometric forms to achieve these architectural and geometrical illusions.

Though Strati’s works do not fall into the conventional engineering or artistic sphere, the artist believes there is a level of uniqueness at the meeting point of both concepts. Therefore, he seeks to explore mutual inclusion. Strati actively provokes his imagination to create artwork (which he presents publicly as NFTs)  living in New York.

What is Robert Strati Known For?

Robert Strati is known for his creative artworks that show a depth of imagination. Strati once created a series of drawings inspired by a broken plate, where he depicted stories connected to the utensil’s fragment. His geometrical works are three-dimensional figures made with tapes and prints of connected shapes and lines.

What Art Movement is Robert Strati Associated With?

Robert Strati is associated with the Surrealism and Cubism art movements.

Robert Strati Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Robert Strati

Composition of Circular Resonance



Composition of Circular Resonance Close Detail



Composition of Linear Harmonics



Composition of Spherical Planes



Composition of Linear Harmonics


Curve Balloon



Elliptical Progression






Fold Down



Fold up Corrected



Harmonic Transitions






Mapping Esperanza Miyake’s Profile






Outlines Detail



Sequential Transitions



Spherical Planes



Spiral Notions



Vertical Transitions