Lorenzo Durantini – Artwork and Bio of the Italian Photographer

Lorenzo Durantini is an Italian photographer and artist born in Florence, Italy. Lorenzo attended the University of Westminster, studying Photographic Arts and earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2010. In 2011, Lorenzo enrolled at the Royal College of Art to pursue a Master’s degree in Photographic Arts but dropped out after a year to focus on art and photography.

Durantini’s artistic journey kickstarted with documentary photography which was intent on political activism. He then turned to art but quickly reverted to photography because he felt too much individualism as an artist. As an artist in London, Durantini was part of a group that occupied abandoned buildings and transformed them into artistic spaces.

Lorenzo exerts his photographic proficiency on the streets of Florence and Italy, taking aesthetically-pleasing pictures of models, city views, caves, and other natural elements. Durantini also works on films that convey a message and addresses social issues. Lorenzo is based in Italy and has exhibited extensively in Europe and North America.

What is Lorenzo Durantini Known For?

Lorenzo Durantini is known for his aesthetic photographs and alluring artworks. Durantini employs unique and creative mediums to create art, such as old VHS tapes, fishing wire, and VHS cassettes – with which he builds towers and creates installations. For photography, Durantini uses a vintage 1997 lens to give his work a sense of three-dimensionality.

Who was Lorenzo Durantini Influenced By?

Lorenzo Durantini was influenced by the works of Jeff Wall, Michelangelo Antonioni, Jean-Luc Godard, Peter Fischli, and David Weiss. Asides from Jeff Wall, who influenced Lorenzo’s photography, the media personnel influenced his filmmaking.

What Art Movement is Lorenzo Durantini Associated With?

Lorenzo Durantini is associated with Photography and Surrealism art movement.

Lorenzo Durantini Artwork

Below are some of the photographs and artworks of Lorenzo Durantini

10,424m and 3453 Hours



A Monochromic Demise



A tear in the Synaptic Nerve



Amoebas at a frat Party



And then suddenly Jupiter in the microscopic folds of Fordite



Before my love froze



Epistemology is a joke



Fordite against marbled paper study no 2



Fordite Study no 4



Fordite Study



Grid Study



Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy



Mars 2312




Millenial Rhizome (Olive tree in Puglia)



Minerals under a black light



Photosynthesis in a cave




Rejected Advertisement



Tendrils in the Light



The Collapse of an A-Frame




The Digital Sublime



The First Fossils of the Anthropocene



The Layercake of History (The Neolithic to the Brutalist)