Katsumi Hayakawa – Artwork and Bio of the Japanese Sculptor


Katsumi Hayakawa is a Japanese painter and sculptor born in Tochigi Prefecture, Kanto region of Japan. In 1992, Hayakawa earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Nihon University College of Arts in Tokyo. He furthered his education at the School of Visual Arts in New York, receiving a Master’s degree in Fine Arts in 1998.

Katsumi’s versatility enables him to experiment with different mediums, sometimes combining them. The sculptural conceptualism of budding rising artists in the 90s first influenced Hawakaya’s art. The decade of trendy art got defined by the non-conforming nature of young artists who freely expressed their art – like Hawakaya does.

Hawakaya has participated in numerous solo and group shows since he exhibited for the first time at the Ryu Gallery in 1990. He has won international recognition for exhibiting his paintings and sculptures in the USA, Taiwan, Spain, the Netherlands, and Japan. Also, Katsumi has received several awards and honors for his works, including the 20th Holbein scholarship.

Hawakaya’s works are in prestigious public and private collections worldwide, such as The Royal Bank of Scotland, Louis Vuitton, Vincent & Elkins Law Firm, CAC Malaga, and the American Embassy. Katsumi’s well-constructed sculptures mesmerize new and returning viewers as the artist continues to create, living in New York.

What is Katsumi Hawakaya Known For?

Katsumi Hawakaya is known for creating sculptures exploring urban planning. Hawakaya starts his art process by making hand-crafted paper sculptures in different shapes and forms before assembling them on watercolor paper. Together, these paper sculptures take the form of an aerial view of densely populated city areas.

What Art Movement is Katsumi Hawakaya Associated With?

Katsumi Hawakaya is associated with the Cubism art movement.

Katsumi Hawakaya Artwork

Below are some of the paper sculptures and acrylic paintings of Katsumi Hawakaya.




Blue Reflection




Daily Drawing





Detail of Bonsai City









Golden Forest






Lights in Blue


Poto Poto



Red Lights