Jessica Eaton – Art and Bio of the Canadian Photographer

Jessica Eaton is a Canadian Photographer born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, in the year 1977. Jessica earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts for Photography from Emily Carr University of Arts & Design, Vancouver, in 2006. Jessica currently lives in Montreal, Canada.

Eaton’s art has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Cubes for Albert and Lewitt was the project that started to gain the most public traction; it was exhibited at Higher Pictures, New York, in 2011. Other solo exhibitions include Wild Permutations at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Cleveland, Ohio, and Ad Infinitum at The Photographers Gallery in London, UK.

Jessica Eaton has also won many awards for her strides in photography. In 2011, She was awarded the Bright Spark Award by the Magenta Foundation, and in 2012 the grand jury’s prize for photography at the Hyeres International Festival. Eaton was nominated for the esteemed Sobey Art Award in 2016 and was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in Photography in 2019.

What is Jessica Eaton Known for?

Jessica Eaton is known for picture imaging with a rather complex manipulation for large format frames, using color manipulation technology while honoring the traditional analog practices of photography. The pictures in Jessica’s collections are optically charged renders made from capturing various in-camera exposures of studio materials.

A uniqueness of Jessica Eaton’s work is how the pictures take on an aesthetic look resembling hard-edge paintings, giving them a more abstract feel than regular pictures.

Who was Jessica Eaton influenced by?

Jessica Eaton was  influenced by Thomas Sutton and Clark Maxwell’s procedure for developing the first colored images. Jessica’s work, Cubes for Albert and LeWitt, were influenced by Josef Albers and Sol LeWitts’ geometrical projections. Other influences are Hilma af Klint, the revered Swedish pioneer of abstract art, and other female abstract artists that inspired the Pictures for Women series.

What art movement is Jessica Eaton associated with?

Jessica Eaton’s photographs are a reminder of the minimalist geometry genre and also possess the exquisite quality of Optical Art.

Jessica Eaton’s Artworks?

Below are some of Jessica Eaton’s Artworks.

Carmen 01


cfaal 379, 2013


cfaal 1148, 2018


Helen 01


IOC 049, 2018


MF 14 v.07, 2022


MF 18 v.03, 2022


MLL 02 v.03, 2022


MLL 04 v.06, 2022


Natura Morta (Luce Danzante) 42, 2022


Natura Morta (Luce Danzante) 50, 2022


Revolutions 23, 2016


Sarah 01


Tomma 02


Transition H50, 2016