Hiroshi Sugimoto – Artwork and Bio of the Japanese Photographer

Hiroshi Sugimoto is a Japanese photographer born on 23 February 1948 in Taito City, Japan. Hiroshi’s fascination with photographs began as a child when he would take his father’s camera and capture images of trains. While in high school, he took his first photograph in a movie theater, which was film footage of Audrey Hepburn.

In 1970, Sugimoto graduated from Saint Paul’s University in Tokyo, where he studied politics and sociology. Expectations of his family were for him to take over his father’s pharmaceutical business, but Hiroshi decided to pursue art. Hence, he applied to the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, got accepted, and graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts in 1974.

After graduating, Sugimoto moved to New York, where he attempted to embrace commercial art but quickly switched to contemporary art to preserve his uniqueness and freedom. Hiroshi rose to stardom through the picture Polar Bear captured in a museum in 1976. He has since exhibited his work in several exhibitions and won several awards.

Sugimoto is the founder of the Odawara Art Foundation and the Enoura Observatory, which promotes Japanese arts and culture. Age has nothing on the exceptional artist, and he promises to showcase a new photography technique he has recently discovered. He currently lives between New York and Tokyo.

What is Hiroshi Sugimoto Known For?

Hiroshi Sugimoto is known for producing realistic photographs of occurrences that make viewers exist between reality and fantasy. Sugimoto uses an 8×10 technical view large-format camera with black and white film to create his famed shots. Sugimoto has been praised repeatedly for his expertise in using long exposure times.

Who was Hiroshi Sugimoto Influenced By?

Hiroshi Sugimoto was influenced by Marcel Duchamp.

Hiroshi Sugimoto Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Hiroshi Sugimoto


Baltic Sea, Rugen



Carpenter Center, Richmond



Caribbean Sea



Chapel of Notre Dame Du Haut



Church of the Light



Cinerama + Dome Hollywood



Diana, Princess of Wales



Earliest Human Relatives




Eiffel Tower



Fidel Castro



Hyena, Jackal, Vulture



In Praise of Shadow



Liguarian Sea, Saviore




Polar Bear



Sea of Buddha



South Bay Drive-in, San Diego



The Bride’s in the Bath Murder



The Electric Chair



The St. Albans Poisoner



The City Drive-in San Bernadino



Union City Drive-in



World Trade Center