Daniel Kukla – Artwork and Bio of the American Photographer

Daniel Kukla is an American artist born in Brooklyn, New York, on October 19, 1983. Kukla studied at the University of Toronto, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Evolutionary Ecology, Biology, and Evolutionary Human Anatomy. Afterward, he attended and graduated from the Documentary Photography and Photojournalism program at The International Center Of Photography.

Kukla’s work in photography and art directly addresses the relationship of humans with the ecosystem, as well as the unseen daunting abstractions that exist within nature. Daniel aims his work at bridging the gap between science and art by working at the meeting point of biology and photography.

While living in California in 2012, Daniel discovered an occurrence while hiking and driving through the Joshua Tree National Park and the Sonoran desert. With an eye fitting for a photographer and artist, Kukla saw the intersection of ecosystems that all seemed to be in relation. He captured the phenomenon in a series of photographs – The Edge Effect.

Kukla has exhibited his work extensively and won acclaim for his proficiency. In 2014, Daniel got selected for The Fountainhead Residency. Several publications, such as Time Magazine, National Geographic, Esquire, and Washington Post, have featured the artist and his work. Kukla is currently based in New York and is still capturing the ecosystem in creative ways.

What is Daniel Kukla Known For?

Daniel Kukla is known for capturing the ecosystem and its interaction with humans and other ecosystems. Usually employing conventional photography techniques, Daniel captures images that the ordinary eye can’t see. However, he occasionally employs other methods – as with Edge Effect, where he used a large mirror held by an easel to capture opposing systems.

What Art Movement is Daniel Kukla Associated With?

Daniel Kukla is associated with Ecological Photography.

Daniel Kukla Artwork

Below are some of the photographs and artworks of Daniel Kukla

Captive Landscapes (Untitled 2)



Captive Landscapes (Untitled 1)



Fireflies (Untitled 2)



Fireflies (Untitled 3)



Fireflies (Untilted 4)



Fireflies (Untitled 1)



Moire 01



Moire 02



Moire 03



Moire 04



Moire 05



Moire 06



Moire 07



Moire 08



Proving Grounds (Untitled 1)



Proving Grounds (Untitled 2)



Proving Grounds (Untitled 3)



Proving Grounds (Untitled 3)



Proving Grounds (Untitled 10)