Christian Herdeg – Artwork and Bio of the Swiss Sculptor

Christian Herdeg is a Swiss visual artist and sculptor born in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1942. Herdeg’s first involvement with light art goes back to his childhood days when he experimented with photographing light bulbs and fireflies. He followed his dreams and studied photography, cinematography, and lighting.

After graduating, Herdeg made a living doing documentary films and taking photographs for different clients. While living in Canada, Herdeg encountered artworks created with fluorescent and neon tubes and was intrigued enough to foray into light art. Unable to purchase neon tubes then, he used ordinary light bulbs. Surprisingly, Herdeg sold all the Playlights he made.

In 1971, Herdeg moved back to Zurich, exhibiting four neon sculptures he had made in Montreal and achieving immense success. Consequently, he participated in more exhibitions in Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Korea, Germany, France, and the USA, winning acclaim and gaining recognition worldwide.

Herdeg’s works are in reputable collections, such as Aargauer Kunsthaus, Museum Kunstlicht in de Kunst, and the Espace de l’Art Concrete. For forty years, Herdeg has devoted himself to creating art with light and color in the form of neon tubes. The artist lives in Zurich, where he continues to produce outstandingly beautiful sculptures.

What is Christian Herdeg Known For?

Christian Herdeg is known for harnessing beauty in artificial light to produce aesthetic masterpieces. Since experimenting with light bulbs in the 1970s, Christian has created several pieces in different shapes, each passing various messages.

Who was Christian Herdeg Influenced By?

Christian Herdeg was influenced by Stephen Antonakos and Dan Flavin. The works of these artists encouraged Herdeg to experiment with light art, a medium for which he is now renowned.

What Art Movement is Christian Herdeg Associated With?

Christian Herdeg is associated with the Light Art movement.

Christian Herdeg Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Christian Herdeg




All White



Black and White Orbit



Black Bird






Circle Summit



Complete Circle















Micro Series