Charles Demuth – Biography and Artwork of the American Painter

Charles Demuth

Charles Demuth was an American artist born on November 8, 1883 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He was the only son of a tobacco shop owner, and his family background inspired his use of muted colors in many of his works. His career as an artist was cut short tragically-Demuth developed a rare, debilitating eye disease at the mere age of 24 which narrowed his scope to watercolor painting rather than oils.

In 1911 he went to Europe where he studied watercolor painting. In 1914 he returned to America and met Alfred Stieglitz, becoming associated with the progressive art movement. Demuth created a series of exquisite portraits of Stieglitz which blended the traditions of both Europe and America; this eventually earned him praise from critics for his attention to detail in what Art News termed “Luminous Portrait Miniature Paintings.”

Renaissance realism mixed with contemporary elements were two driving forces behind Charles Demuth’s appearances as an artist throughout history. His works are currently housed at some famous galleries such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Phillips Collection. Charles Demuth enjoyed a distinguished career spanning over two decades until his premature death on October 23, 1935.

Famous Charles Demuth Paintings

Famous Charles Demuth paintings include: And the Home of the Brave (1931), “Buildings, Lancaster”, My Egypt (1927), and I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold, among others.