Bruno Levy – Artwork and Bio of the French Artist

Bruno Levy is a French video artist born on 3 August 1979 in Paris, France. Levy attended New York University, where he studied Photography and graduated in 2001. He began his artistic journey with video editing and earned recognition from famous companies such as Wired and Apple. Bruno exhibited and won acclaim nationally for his video-scratching technique.

In 2007, Bruno looked to expand his artistic know-how and learned tattooing under Mohan Gurung in Nepal. After a year, Levy reverted to video installations and editing and co-founded SWEAT SHOPPE – a new media collective – with Blake Shaw. The duo invented the video painting technique and won several awards, such as the 2012 Vimeo Award for their work.

In 2013, Levy founded a bi-weekly publication Dispose, which aimed at distributing disposable cameras. Levy also shoots and directs music videos. His portfolio contains music videos shot for Modeselektor and The Walkmen. The Huffington Post, The Atlantic, and The New York Times have featured Levy and his work in their publications.

Bruno returned to tattooing in 2015, establishing his art and tattoo studio – Bandit – in Brooklyn, New York. Levy’s tattoos are usually retro-themed and nostalgic but also contain several themes and ideas. Following the success of several exhibitions in European capitals, Levy is currently in New York, where he lives and works.

What is Bruno Levy Known For?

Bruno Levy is known for creating video art, exploring the interrelation of audio and video. He works with several mediums, including 3D art installations and his self-invented video painting. His video painting live performances involve the presentation of video art through 3D AV sets, projectors, and LCD panels. Levy’s work is known to arouse excitement in viewers.

What Art Movement is Bruno Levy Associated With?

Bruno Levy is associated with Video art.

Bruno Levy Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Bruno Levy

Unknown Title









Vitamin C 11



Vitamin C 31



Vitamin C 22



Vitamin C 14



Vitamin C 12


Vitamin C 10


Vitamin C 9


Vitamin C 8

Vitamin C 7

Vitamin C 6


Vitamin C 5

Vitamin C 4


Vitamin C 3

Vitamin C 2

Squarepusher, my red hot car

Siamese Twins

One white dot