Bahar Yurukoglu – Artwork and Bio of the Turkish Artist

Bahar Yurukoglu is a Turkish artist born in Washngton DC, USA in 1981. In 2003, Bahar earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the New York School of Visual Arts. Furthering her education, she studied Interrelated Media at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Boston. In 2011, she graduated with a Master’s degree.

Since 2003, Yurukoglu has participated in several groups and solo exhibitions in Iceland, Turkey, the United States, and Scotland. Her active involvement in showing her work has popularised the artist and her unique techniques. Through Bahar’s works, viewers can immerse in a feeling of transcendence in a fantastical world.

Yurukoglu combines two-dimensional planes with three-dimensional spaces to create a fanciful perception that borders reality and the imaginary. Bahar creates her works from experiences during trips to monumental regions. Her 2016 exhibition in Instabul titled Flow Through shows the artist’s experiences in the Arctic Circle, particularly the duality of total darkness and daylight.

Yurukoglu still actively creates, living between Washington DC and Istanbul. Bahar has acted as a resident artist in Sweden, Iceland, Turkey, the United States, and Panama. She has also been featured in several articles and publications. The artist continues integrating photography, light, installations, and sound to create a teleportation effect for her viewers.

What is Bahar Yurukoglu Known For?

Bahar Yurukoglu is known for creating neo-spaces by merging 2D planes and 3D surfaces. Using mirrors, colored plexiglass, lights, and projections, Yurukoglu creates satisfying installations that give viewers a unique experience. Bahar also photographs landscapes to create three-dimensional images and makes spectacular geometric light shows in galleries.

What Art Movement is Bahar Yurukoglu Associated With?

Bahar Yurukoglu is associated with the Surrealism art movement.

Bahar Yurukoglu Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Bahar Yurukoglu




Arter-Yurukoglu Plexiberg2



Arter-Yurukoglu Plexiberg



Nature Morte Redux



Cordova Biennial



Divide and Conquer



Leftover Grass



Organ Panic



Organ Panic view 1






Re act



This Place



This Place Detail