Andreas Gefeller – Artwork & Bio of the German Photographer

Andreas Gefeller is a German Photographer born in the year 1970 in Dusseldorf. Andreas studied visual communication and photography from 1992 to 2002 at the University of Essen. Gefeller completed his studies under Professor Bernhard Prinz and finished with a distinction in 2000. Andreas was appointed a member of the Deutsche Fotografische Akademie (German Academy of Photography) in 2001.

The artist’s photographic work catalog includes the series; Halbwertszeiten (1996), Soma (2000), Supervisions (2002–2009), The Japan Series (2010), and Blank (since 2010). These works have been exhibited in different museums worldwide, like the Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art in Istanbul, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, The Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University in North Carolina, and Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, Italy.

Andreas has won multiple awards and garnered a lot of recognition for his work. In 2012, The Japan Series won gold in the German Photo Book Award.

What is Andreas Gefeller known for?

Andreas Gefeller is known for his unconventional focus on abstract and often overlooked views. The images depicted in Andreas’ works are known to blur the line between reality and imagination. Gefeller is well known for his series, Supervision, which featured aerial views of environmental observations. With minimal technical additions, his work helps to open up an unprecedented outlook to a familiar context, using his camera lens to view light unseen by the human eyes.

Who was Andreas Gefeller influenced by?

Andreas Gefeller was influenced by his childhood love for astronomy and by Bernd Becher’s class during his time at the University of Essen. Now, Andreas lends this cosmic energy to his work, shedding light on typically ignored details. The ability to manipulate different frames of the same view to create a unique impression on the viewer reminds us of photography history.

Andreas Gefeller’s Artworks

Below are some of Andreas Gefeller’s artworks

(Araucaria), from The Other Side of Light



Cairo, from Blank



(Palm Leaves), from The Other Side of Light




(Sea foam), from The Other Side of Light




(Sparks), from The Other Side of Light




Birch Forest



FR 20



Grape Plantation, from The Japan Series



(Seawater), from The Other Side of Light



Untitled (Parking Lot 1), Paris