Ali Hossaini – Artwork and Bio of the American Artist

Ali Hossaini is an American artist born in 1962 in West Virginia, USA, who creates art uniquely and uncommonly. Hossaini studied at Washington University, St. Louis, and the University of Texas, earning a BA and MA in Philosophy from Washington and a Ph.D. in the same discipline from the latter. Ali also attended the International Center of Photography in 1988.

As a vastly talented individual, Hossaini affiliates himself with art, philosophy, video production, engineering, artificial intelligence, and various aspects of science. His involvement in video installations and production dates back to 1989, when he produced short films for Deep Dish Television. Ali also works as a writer and has previously held roles in a book press.

Hossaini was a sponsoring editor at the University of Texas Press, where one of his projects – Surrealist Woman –  involved writing about female artists. In 2002, Hossaini was Executive Producer for Voom HD Networks, managing broadcast, production, and licensing for video art television channels and art documentaries.

Ali’s subsequent artistic involvements include: producing video portraits, establishing Pantar productions – under which he produced art films and installations, developing the Luminaria festival, becoming CEO of Cinema Arts Network, publishing a book on museum creation and operation instructions, and co-founding the National Gallery X in 2019.

What is Ali Hossaini Known For?

Ali Hossaini is known for his plethora of activities in the art and media world. Hossaini is one of the few individuals who boast his portfolio of achievements. Some outstanding achievements are video installations and live performances in Qatar, London, China, Denmark, Italy, France, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

What Art Movement is Ali Hossaini Associated With?

Ali Hossaini is associated with the Visual Art movement.

Ali Hossaini Artwork

Below are some of the works of Ali Hossaini






Horse Tool



Bacteria undersea Galaxy



4 Monkeys