10 Side Hustles for Artists and Creatives

There are so many ways you can monetize your creativity as an artist. All you would need is just the internet and your art designs. But this is not to say that you are only limited to digital platforms for a side hustle. There are a million other ways you can use and sell your skills.

Being an artist is such a plum job. You get to be paid well and you are in control of things. However, just like any other career path, you must steadily climb up the ladder of success. If you are starting off and whatever you make out of your creative work cannot sustain you, perhaps it is that time to look for a side hustle.

There are so many avenues open for most artists and creatives. This means many streams of income you can pursue to keep yourself afloat as you build your career.

You must be asking yourself right now, what could this be?

The economy is opening up again despite the pandemic.

Everything is still hard for everyone. It is only wise to try and seize this golden opportunity. Here are some of the side hustles you can pursue besides your main career.

1.    Start a YouTube Channel

This is almost sounding like a cliché for most people. Everybody is scrambling on their feet to get a YouTube channel or two to start running. Truth be told, if your stars are shining right on your face, you are most likely to mint serious money from this. However, it doesn’t come as easy as strolling in a park. You must put in the work and be relentless besides having some good content. This is a creative avenue to broaden your earnings especially if your art is still struggling.

2.    Make Use of Instagram and Tiktok

These two come in handy especially if you are a marketer. If you are imaginative and unique enough, you can become world-class overnight. This sounds too good to be true, but I assure you, it is never too good to be true. Perhaps too good is relative. It is all about working around your network to grow your followings. It is also about being a darling and loyal to your followers. The day you wake up and realize you became a household name overnight is the day you will swear your allegiance to these social media sites!

3.    Turn Your Art to NFT

I know your head is reeling trying to make sense of what NFT might mean. It is a no-brainer term that is taking over the market with a sudden influx. Just like Instagram and Tiktok did and by the look of things, it is the next big thing. You must have heard of a single simple tweet selling for over $3 million. Yes, dollars! That is what NFT is all about. If you want to be the next Jack Dorsey, start turning your art and creative productions into NFTs!

4.    Do Livestreams

This is yet another avenue that people are using as a side hustle. There are several ways you can stream your content live while interacting with your followers. You can use Facebook Live, YouTube, Instagram among others. If your content is good enough, followers will crowd your page and even invite others. This means money!

5.    Domain Flipping

This sounds like another excellent idea for your side hustle. It is all about creating and selling premium domains for a fortune. It sounds all easy peasy, but I tell you it is not. You need to be on the radar for lucrative domain names to buy and register before any other creative-minded individual grabs it. You can then proceed and auction them for as high as you can. Some of the websites you must be conversant with to do this are Godaddy and Flipa.

6.    Sell Your Skills

There are so many platforms that allow creative people to showcase and sell their skills. For example, the content writers, virtual assistants among others. So many bloggers are looking for creative writers to do content for their blogs. Some of the websites you can look into include Upwork and Fivver. This is a good way to earn some side money remotely.

7.    Create and Sell Courses and E-books

This is yet another great way to earn some passive income. Create a course or write e-books and ask people to subscribe for a fee to access the content. Be creative about it. Most bloggers use this method as a way to generate passive income while they focus mainly on blogging. You can do the same.

8.    Be a Consultant

Knowledge is not only power; it is also a source of wealth. If you are highly experienced, skilled, and informed in a certain field, do not dish out wealth anymore for free. Become a consultant. Like dermatologists, doctors among others. Consultancy is in high demand, yet it is so underrated.

9.    Invest in Properties

If Airbnb came into your mind as soon as you say this, you are in my trail of thoughts. You do not need any capital. If you have a good apartment, you can always sublet to travelers and make some quick money. All you need is to understand the market, market yourself, and let potential clients find you through popular Apps like Bookings.com and Airbnb. The rise of subletting apartments is subtly sinking the hotel industry.

10.   Become a Solo-prenuer

Identify an investment that you can do and pursue it. Sometimes letting people join you in chasing some dreams is not wise. Start small and grow steadily. That is the name of the game. This kind of side hustle is good for you if you like to be in control of things and a lone worker. For example, you can start by selling thrifted clothes or making food in your spare time and selling it to bachelors and other people who cannot do their dishes.

There are a million things you can do. Just stop procrastinating and get started already!


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