Katharine Harvey

Katharine Harvey is a brilliant artist known for her work on elements as reflections, such as on water or storefronts.  This recent work strives to depict electricity and give it a strong visual presence.  The work is on acrylic and as such gives a deep and rich perspective, similar to her previous work as it represents fluidity and distortion.

I’ll let Nicholas Metiver of the Nicholas Metiver Gallery sum it up nicely:

“Katharine Harvey’s paintings explore the mobile and dimensional qualities of light. Known for her paintings of water, storefront displays and reflections, Harvey’s latest works also depict electricity as a visual presence. Building images amidst thick layers of clear acrylic paint, she echoes the distortive, fluid properties of water and glass. These paintings achieve a prismatic beauty through the illusion of depth and layers of vibrant colours. Like live wires, these playful optical effects channel the visual energy of elemental forces and their abstract rhythm.”