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If you’re in search of the best canvas print companies, then you have come to the right place. More people are turning to canvas art in order to transform their drawings, photographs, images or paintings into artwork for durability. Besides, the canvas is known to have a good look and feel and when used to preserve photos, can pass as a piece of artwork in a gallery.

However, when looking to transform your images or photos, the first step is to get a reliable and dependable canvas printing company that can do a quality job as you do not want to regret your choice. As such, a good canvas print company should just not be able to utilize high resolution in the process but should also make use of quality materials in order to reproduce your images without any form of distortion.

Today, there are hundreds of canvas print companies that all claim to have the ability to deliver nothing but quality canvas prints. While there are some genuine companies out there that do an excellent job, there are some that use low-level printing technique and low-quality of canvases. That’s why we have reviewed some of the best canvas print companies that you can consider when you are looking to transform your piece of art.

1. Canvas Pop

Canvas Pop does not just have some positive reviews but is also arguably one of the best canvas print company that you can rely on for quality prints. But what makes them rank among the best? Canvas Pop uses high-quality materials when recreating images or photos so as to create remarkable art prints. Secondly, when you order a canvas print from them, you get assigned your own personal designer.

The role of the personal designer is to work with you through the whole order process to ascertain that the end product conforms to your expectations. In addition, they also help make any suggestions that will help enhance your final art piece. All along they will want to get your approval to ensure you agree with what they are doing.

Before they make the final print, the company will send you digital proofs free of charge so that you approve them for the final print. Besides your personal designer, they also have a customer support team that is able to address any queries that you may have through phone, chat or email. Whether your images are on Facebook, Instagram or saved in your phone gallery, you can be sure that Canvas Pop will deliver as their end goal is to see their customers happy.

2. Elephant Stock

The name Elephant Stock is derived from the fact that the company’s website has a huge stock of images that customers can choose from when looking to make their order. Besides, the company does such a great job when it comes to printing canvas arts. Given that they mainly deal with businesses such as commercial offices and hotel rooms, the company can be trusted to deliver professional and quality prints.
The company is also dedicated to individual customers who want to have their canvas prints done by them. Their dedicated team ensures that customers get the help they need each and every step of the way. If you have no idea about what image size you should go for or what frame to choose, you can be rest assured that the support team will help you out.

The company also uses a high-resolution printing process to make the prints. They use North American pine frames when framing the artwork. To ensure that the prints last for a lifetime and are protected from any damage, they ensure that the materials used are waterproof, UV resistant and scratch proof. This way, you can be sure that you will have your piece of art intact for a long time to come.
They also have a broad range of sizes that you can choose for your artwork. Whether you want your print in color or in black and white, be rest assured that with Elephant Stock, quality is their second name.

3. Canvas Champ

If you want to print large volumes of canvas prints, then Canvas Champ is your best option. While the company can still print one-off pieces for their clients, their niche is mainly in printing large orders. For this, they have made their prices quite affordable and even have a price match guarantee. Like other canvas print companies, they also strive to deliver customer satisfaction. This they do by giving clients leeway to return their orders if they are not happy with them and have them redone or refunded.

For Canvas Champ to work on your art, you need to send high-resolution photos or images. This way, you are assured that the final canvas art print will be of high-quality. Besides the usual canvas printing service, they also provide consumers with alternative printing options. You can also have your images printed on thick and thin wraps, rolled canvases, metal or photo boards that have been made from dense foam for longevity.

Although they ship some of their orders to other countries to be done to save on the overhead cost and even though the material, they use may not last for a lifetime, they are still among the best canvas print companies that you can consider especially when you need to print high volumes of canvas art.

Final Thoughts

The reason why most people turn to canvas prints is because it’s a great way of preserving the happy memories that ended up being captured in a still photo. As such, choosing a canvas print company that can deliver quality prints is something that you shouldn’t take lightly. As mentioned, there are lots of canvas print companies that you can consider but before making your decision, ensure you do proper research on the company you want to entrust your images to and read online reviews to see what past customers are saying about them. If possible, ask for recommendations from friends and family as well.

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